“Three days to five days… Then I’ll be sure to take good care of myself while I await your return.” Su Xi-er then stood on tiptoes and whispered into his ear, “We can try to get pregnant after you’re back. I’ve already calculated the days.”


Pei Qianhao’s heart skipped a beat before he tapped her on the nose playfully. “Naughty girl. Seducing this Prince? How do you expect me to concentrate on my work here now?”


Su Xi-er smiled mischievously. “Then finish your work quickly. Anyways, I’ll stay here tonight before returning on my own tomorrow. You also don’t have to return every morning; I couldn’t bear to see you wear yourself out.”


“Xi-er.” Pei Qianhao hugged her even tighter, resting his chin gently on her head.


After they had dinner and washed up, Pei Qianhao went to take care of matters in the barracks with Su Xi-er by his side. After two hours, they both retired back into the tent and cuddled while they slept.


The next day, Pei Qianhao went to inspect the training grounds in the morning. While he was gone, Su Xi-er saw Yu Xiao after he was severely punished by the plank and the whip.


He stuttered slightly as he addressed her, “Princess Consort, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m good with medicine. It’s just that my buttocks have literally ripped apart.”


“Be careful in future. I’m guessing that the man in black didn’t tell you about your older brother at all?”


Yu Xiao’s expression dimmed. “The man in black lied to me. I’m just too dumb to have fallen for his tricks.”


“You were too impulsive when it comes to your brother. As a soldier, you shouldn’t leak any secrets no matter how you’re being threatened. Your brother would be disappointed if he knew about this.”


This sudden reminder that he had in fact committed a grave mistake seemed to strike Yu Xiao like a bolt of lightning. Learning about his brother’s whereabouts had been the only thing on his mind at the time, and he suddenly felt that his punishment had been light when he should have been put to death.


Su Xi-er then comforted him before she left for the Prince Hao Residence on a carriage.


She arrived at the residence in less than two hours, then spotted Ruo Yuan standing at the entrance when she alighted.


“Princess Consort, you’re finally back!” Ruo Yuan spoke anxiously as she ran up to her.


Seeing how flustered Ruo Yuan looked, Su Xi-er asked, “What happened?”


“The Commandery Princess visited last night and took Zhen Yu away. They have yet to return.”


Su Xi-er knew that Xie Liuli wouldn’t have just taken Zhen Yu away without a reason. If the latter had left, it meant that she had done so voluntarily.


“I’ll go to the Commandery Prince Residence.” Su Xi-er turned back and boarded the carriage again as she instructed the soldiers. It didn’t take long for her to arrive at the Commandery Prince Residence, and the guards at the entrance didn’t stop her.


The soldiers from the Western Region who were keeping an eye on things nearby quickly reported this to Du Rin.


As she walked into the main courtyard, she spotted Imperial Physician Zhao going in and out of the room with bowls of medicine.


It was during one of these frantic dashes that Imperial Physician Zhao saw Su Xi-er. He bowed and greeted her, “This subordinate pays his respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


“What’s wrong with the Commandery Prince?” Su Xi-er asked, glancing at the door.


Imperial Physician Zhao shook his head. “He had already been weak after losing so much blood from that fall from the mountain, and now he’s been drugged with an aphrodisiac since last night. He tried to suppress its effects for a long time, and it’s under control now, but… his health has taken a bad hit.”


Su Xi-er was shocked to hear this. Xie Yun was drugged with an aphrodisiac, and Xie Liuli took Zhen Yu away yesterday! How can a pregnant woman do the deed? But according to Imperial Physician Zhao, Xie Yun didn’t touch Zhen Yu.


“Princess Consort, please don’t enter. There’s a woman in the room keeping Commandery Prince Xie company.”

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