Pei Qianhao looked in Yu Xiao’s direction and said, “Regardless of your difficulties, you have violated the military rules, and you will have to be punished accordingly. This Prince won’t let you off easily.”


“Many thanks, Prince Hao.” Yu Xiao steadily replied.


Soon, Pei Qianhao issued the order to take Yu Xiao into the main tent for further interrogation, while the other two were to be punished according to the military rules right away.


When the other two soldiers were dragged away, they finally shouted, “Prince Hao, my parents were threatened by others, This subordinate had no choice but to do it! Furthermore, this subordinate didn’t leak the diagram of the army secrets!”


“Please spare this subordinate’s life, Prince Hao!”


Despite the endless bleak cries from them, the two traitors were still swiftly dragged away. Even if they had their own difficulties, the rules had to be followed. As for finding out the identity of the mastermind, it wasn’t that they weren’t willing to confess, it was just that interrogating them clearly wouldn’t yield any useful information since they didn’t know who it was.


Yu Xiao was escorted to the main tent while the other soldiers left. There was an additional candle stand in the tent and a torch placed upright between the rocks.


Pei Qianhao stood in front of Yu Xiao and kicked his knees, causing the latter to fall to the ground.


“A-Jing.” Su Xi-er called him. She was aware that as a general who controlled all of Beimin’s military power, Pei Qianhao could become a subject of impeachment if someone with malicious motives got wind of the news.


Pei Qianhao suppressed the fury in his heart. Ever since I began to lead soldiers, there has only been one case of betrayal. Regardless of the reason, there can only be one way to deal with the traitors, and that is to behead them without any mercy.


That is why I made it clear that no matter what difficulties Yu Xiao has, he has to be dealt with according to the military rules. We must be firm and decisive when it comes to traitors.


Yu Xiao knelt on the ground. Not wanting to put Su Xi-er in a difficult spot, he looked towards her and started to speak. “There was this man clad in black whose clothes and hat covered his eyebrows and eyes, only exposing his nose and mouth. He told me that if I hand over the army’s secret print, he would tell me Elder Brother’s whereabouts. He said that my elder brother isn’t dead.”


Hearing his description of the man clad in black, Su Xi-er instantly surmised that it was the half-faced man again. This person is extremely dangerous; anything that happens seems to have his involvement. However, what is his purpose? He never fails to defy expectations when he acts!


Pei Qianhao’s expression was solemn, as he too knew the half-faced man. This person is related to so many people.


“So in order to obtain information of your elder brother’s location, you gave the army secret print to him?”Su Xi-er coldly asked, not believing that Yu Xiao would do something like that.


Yu Xiao calmly replied, “I gave him a fake one.”


Su Xi-er’s heart finally settled. “Since it was a fake, you don’t have to admit to betraying the country.”


“No, this person is very suspicious of others. The other two soldiers weren’t threatened by him, but they are definitely being controlled by someone who’s related to the man in black. In order to quell his suspicions, I gave him the military formation diagram that Prince Hao just drafted out.”


Compared to the army secret print, the military formation diagram isn’t that significant. Every military formation will have a way to break through it. As long as someone can come up with a formation, a method to solve it can also be derived. Even if the opponent has taken that diagram, it won’t be a threat to Pei Qianhao.


A cold voice boomed in a firm tone. “Even if that’s the case, you still have to be dealt with. Guards.”


A soldier entered the tent. “Prince Hao, what are your orders?”


“Take him away. This Prince has already investigated the matter clearly; although he didn’t directly leak our secrets, he may be related. He shall receive 30 beatings of the plank, and thirty lashes of the whip.”

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