All the soldiers were solemn as their breath hitched. Prince Hao hasn’t revealed such an expression in a long time, but who can blame him? Three traitors were found in the army all at once, and these traitors were all found in an army barrack under Prince Hao’s management.


Regardless of which country it is, no general would allow even a speck of disorder when managing the army barracks. Even a single traitor is intolerable, and anyone found guilty of being one will be executed! That’s not even considering that the secret leaked this time around was so huge!


Pei Qianhao’s cold gaze settled on the three soldiers. Among these three, I already had my suspicions regarding two of them, and I had deliberately let them live until today so that I could ferret out the mastermind. However, I really never expected Yu Xiao to betray me. As someone from Nanzhao, he shouldn’t have any connections with Beimin.


None of the three spoke, but Yu Xiao was the only one with his head raised.


Pei Qianhao exuded a cold aura as his eyes darkened like that of a predator waiting to pounce. “It looks like you have something to say.”


Under Pei Qianhao’s heavy gaze, Yu Xiao explained, “This subordinate has some difficulties and had no other choice. I can only tell the Princess Consort about this.”


Everyone’s eyes widened upon hearing his words. The traitor can only tell his difficulties to the Princess Consort! Could the Princess Consort be the mastermind, or could she have also participated in this betrayal? 


But how can that be? The Princess Consort can’t possibly betray Prince Hao! Furthermore, Prince Hao separates his work and private life; he definitely wouldn’t have told the Princess Consort about the army’s secrets!


However, everyone was now filled with bewilderment. What on earth is happening?


Pei Qianhao’s raised a brow before taking a few steps forward, stopping just short of Yu Xiao. “If you can only tell the Princess Consort, then you should just shut your mouth.” Pei Qianhao then spun around as swiftly as lightning, his cold and dangerous aura causing people to shudder in fear.


Clang! A sharp sword appeared in Pei Qianhao’s hand, glinting menacingly in the torchlight as he pointed it at Yu Xiao. “If the Princess Consort sees you like this, she’ll definitely be bitterly disappointed.”


Yu Xiao bit his lips to the point that blood almost oozed out, but just as he was about to speak, his eyes locked onto a slender figure in the distance. His low whisper quivered as the words carried to everyone’s ears. “Princess Consort…”


All of the soldiers were stunned. Why did the Princess Consort arrive? Could it be that she really is related to this matter of army secrets being leaked?


Pei Qianhao knitted his brow and passed the sword to a nearby guard before turning to look at Su Xi-er. Didn’t I ask her to properly stay in the residence? Why did she come here?


Su Xi-er walked to Pei Qianhao’s side and raised her head to glance at him, firmly stating, “Yu Xiao can never possibly betray you.”


The crowd was once again shocked. What’s going on?! Not only does the Princess Consort know the traitor’s name, she’s even vouching for him!


Yu Xiao’s brow was tightly furrowed. Not wanting to make things difficult for Su Xi-er, he decided to open his mouth. “Princess Consort, you don’t have to speak for this subordinate. I indeed…”


Su Xi-er cut him off. “Impudent! How can you easily admit to something like betrayal?! What difficulties do you have? Follow me into the tent and personally explain them to Prince Hao!” Her voice was cold, and her aura did not pale in comparison to Pei Qianhao’s.


The soldiers surrounding them were shocked. Is this a woman? How does someone who has never fought on the battlefield possess such an aura?!


Su Xi-er swept her cold gaze across the crowd before slowly announcing, “I will definitely provide a satisfactory explanation to everyone regarding this matter. If he has truly betrayed us, it will be dealt with.” She turned her head to look at Pei Qianhao and softened her tone. “A-Jing, let’s return to the tent and properly ask him.”

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