Xie Liuli was stunned. Elder Brother actually took such medicine!


The guard then headed for the stables to get a horse before swiftly rushing off to the palace.


Watching the tightly shut door, Xie Liuli heard Xie Yun calling Zhen Yu’s name. Her personal maidservant walked over, having heard what the guard had said.


“Commandery Princess, the Commandery Prince can’t afford to go on like this. He can’t just forcefully suppress it; we need to think of a way to alleviate his condition.” The maidservant’s eyes lit up. “Ice water! Let’s use ice water to relieve the effects first.” 


The maidservant was about to walk away when Xie Liuli stopped her. “No!” 


Although ice water can temporarily alleviate the effects, it’s detrimental to Elder Brother’s body. After falling from the mountain and losing so much blood, his body is averse to cold, and getting drenched in ice water would make it even worse!


“Zhen Yu, Zhen Yu…” Xie Yun continued to call from inside the room.


Since Elder Brother misses Zhen Yu so much, I’ll make a trip to the Prince Hao Residence to bring Zhen Yu here. She doesn’t have to go inside the room; perhaps she can alleviate his suffering just by standing outside and talking to him.


Xie Liuli quickly left the main yard after reminding the guards to keep an eye on the area, and especially to not allow any woman in.


The guards bowed in acknowledgement, their solemn visages plagued with worry.




Meanwhile, in the army barracks, the soldiers guarding the entrance recognised who Su Xi-er was. However, even though they didn’t dare to block her, they couldn’t just let her in either.


It’s best that the Princess Consort doesn’t see such a scene.


“You dare to block me?” Su Xi-er’s voice turned harsh.


The soldiers were between a rock and a hard place. “Princess Consort, you really can’t go in. The military rules are stringent; unless one possesses a tablet, no one can enter, regardless of their identity.”


This further corroborated Su Xi-er’s theory that something had happened in the army barracks. Running out of patience, she dodged to the side and pretended to attack. Unable to keep up with her, the soldiers let her slip by before immediately chasing.


“Princess Consort, you can’t go in.”


More and more soldiers also came to encircle them. “Princess Consort, please have mercy on this subordinate. You can’t go in.”


The more the soldiers tried to stop her, the more Su Xi-er was certain that something was amiss. She stayed silent and constantly maneuvered around the soldier’s encirclement. Seeing that they were still intent on blocking her, she deftly spun around and pulled out a soldier’s sword, pointing it straight at him. “If you all still insist on standing in my way, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”


She then purposely pressed the tip of the sword against the soldier’s neck until a streak of blood could be seen before throwing the sword to the ground.


The Princess Consort isn’t joking around. We can’t block her path anymore. Sigh, we can only wait for Prince Hao’s punishment.


Su Xi-er noticed that the tents inside the barracks didn’t have any candles lit, and there weren’t any soldiers around either. Other than the soldiers guarding the entrance of the army barracks, where has everyone else gone?


Su Xi-er quickly progressed towards the middle of the army barracks, finding every location along the way in a similar state. Where’s everyone? Are they at the military drill ground?


She decided to head for the military drill ground instead. After getting near it, she could make out the glow of a fire in the distance. Many soldiers stood ramrod straight, with each of them holding a torch.


With the numerous layers of soldiers surrounding what was in the middle, Su Xi-er couldn’t guess what was happening. Only when she heard a certain man’s cold voice could she deduce what was going on.


“Out with it, who is your master?”


That cold voice filled with murderous intent belonged to none other than Pei Qianhao.


Su Xi-er kept silent. With the soldiers all focused on the scene in front of them, no one noticed that someone had entered the military drill ground.


Finding herself a spot where she could see through the slight gaps in the crowd, Su Xi-er’s eyes widened. Why is Yu Xiao among those people kneeling?! What happened? Why is A-Jing suspecting him?! This young man whose heart is full of passion is one of us!


“Are you not going to confess?” Pei Qianhao stood up and slowly made his way over at a steady pace, his aura as dangerous as a grim reaper.

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