It was unclear how much time had passed before Xie Liuli finally regained consciousness. Her eyes slowly opening, she couldn’t help but shudder as she recalled Du Rin knocking her out.


Since she had made a move on me… then what about Elder Brother?!


At that thought, Xie Liuli immediately tried to stand up, but found that she had been laying in a familiar bed.


This is my boudoir?


If so, then that means that Elder Brother and I should be safe. Nevertheless, I should go and make sure that he’s fine.


Xie Liuli quickly put on her shoes and left the room, but a maidservant stopped her before she could leave the Li Courtyard.


“Commandery Princess, it’s late and windy. Please rest early.”


“I’m just going to visit Elder Brother; I’ll come back very quickly.” 


Xie Liuli immediately tried to step out of the entrance of the Li Courtyard with the maidservant following her, but was stopped once again before she could enter the main courtyard.


“Commandery Princess, the Commandery Prince has ordered that no one is allowed to enter the main courtyard tonight. Please go back.”


The more Xie Liuli thought about it, the more she felt something was amiss. She dodged to the side and tried to bypass the guard, but was stopped again when he caught up with her. “Commandary Princess, you really can’t-”


Bang! A deafening noise similar to a table splintering apart could be heard, causing Xie Liuli to panic. “Don’t block me.”


Hearing the noise, the guard hesitated before deciding to let Xie Liuli in despite her brother’s orders, afraid that something had happened to the commandery prince.


Xie Liuli didn’t expect that when she finally managed to see her brother again, he would be in such an abominable state. His hair was dishevelled, and his fists were tightly clenched as he sat slumped on the wheelchair. Blood covered his arms, and pieces of a splintered table littered the floor.


Hearing some noise, Xie Yun’s bloodshot eyes turned in that direction.


“Elder Brother, what happened to you?” Xie Liuli felt her heart anxiously clench as she rushed forward, attempting to grasp his hand.


Xie Yun suppressed the fiery desire within, having smashed the table as a way to vent after being nearly pushed over the edge. Seeing his sister approaching him, he angrily shouted, “Liuli, don’t come over. Get out!”


“Elder Brother, what on earth is wrong? What did the Western Region Imperial Princess do to you?” Tears slipped down Xie Liuli’s face as she took in the current state of her brother.


Xie Yun tried to make his voice gentler. “Liuli, be obedient and go out. Your elder brother just needs to endure for a night, and I’ll be fine tomorrow morning.”


“No, I won’t leave.” Xie Liuli continued to walk over and firmly clutched his hand.


The womanly fragrance assailed Xie Yun’s nostrils, prompting him to furrow his brows and fiercely fling Xie Liuli to the ground. “Get out! Get out!”


That damn Tan Ge! She gave me such a powerful medicine. I’ll have to try my best to endure it throughout the night, and I can’t let anyone come close to me, especially women!


“Elder Brother...Elder Brother…” Xie Liuli kept crying and stayed by his side, unaware that her presence was exacerbating Xie Yun’s situation.


It was not long before his face was flushed red, and beads of sweat covered his forehead.


Xie Yun changed his tactic. “Instruct the guards to enter the palace and summon Imperial Physician Zhao.”


At this moment, one of the guards in the courtyard that had been worried about Xie Yun decided to pluck up his courage to enter the room. He was shocked upon noticing Xie Yun’s current state, and immediately grabbed Xie Liuli before dragging her outside. “Commandery Prince, this subordinate will go and ask for an imperial physician. Please hold on.” 


The room door was once again closed, allowing Xie Yun to suppress his overloaded passion.


Outside the room, the guard immediately explained. “Commandery Princess, the Commandery Prince is probably afflicted with aphrodisiac. He can only recover if he makes love with a woman. You musn’t go inside; otherwise, something unthinkable may happen.”

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