Du Rin laughed and turned to leave, but Xie Yun pulled her back, causing her to fall on his lap.


“What? The Commandery Prince wishes for this Princess to serve you instead?” Du Rin gave him a charming smile, wondering if the pill had already taken effect.


Xie Yun looked down and pretended to be in a daze. When he noticed that Du Rin had let her guard down, he quickly took out a pill hidden in his sleeve and forced it into her mouth.


Du Rin swallowed the pill and stood up angrily, pushing Xie Yun onto the floor.


Du Rin glared and pointed a finger at him. “Audacious! What did you make this Princess eat?!”


“Your mouth stinks; of course I’m going to make you mute so you can never talk again.” Xie Yun sat up straight, and was about to place his right hand on the armrest of the wheelchair when Du Rin stood up and grabbed it first.


“A pill to make one mute? Give me the antidote, or else I’ll make your life hell.”


“Not happening, even if this Prince dies.” Xie Yun stated without emotion.


“You want this Princess to turn into a mute? If you don’t care about your own life, how about that sister of yours? Not afraid that I’ll drug her with something?” Du Rin lifted a hand haughtily. “Antidote.”


“This Prince never brings the antidote along. If you don’t let Liuli and I go, you can go ahead and turn into a mute.” Xie Yun looked up at her calmly. 


This is a gamble.


“Hmph! This Princess refuses; Xie Liuli chastity will be no more if you continue to be stubborn. Can you bear for that to happen?”


“Your threats don’t work on this Prince. Do whatever you want.” Xie Yun turned away from her after he spoke, acting as if he truly could care less about what happened.


Does he really not care? Du Rin was furious, her anger rendering her unable to speak properly. “You… audacious!”


“You’ll turn into a mute soon if you don’t make a decision.” Xie Yun reminded her, knowing from her reaction that he had succeeded.


Du Rin’s brows furrowed slightly. I’ll let him go tonight. He can’t do much in this state anyway. Torturing and killing him will be as easy as crushing a tiny ant.


“Fine. This Princess… will let you go!” Her facade was already slipping.


Shortly after, the guards pushed Xie Yun to the entrance and carried an unconscious Xie Liuli onto a horse carriage. Soon, the carriage left the posthouse with Du Rin personally escorting it.


The guards at the Commandery Prince Residence were confused when another horse carriage decked out in the colors of the Western Region arrived. A similar carriage had arrived more than four hours ago, full of specialty goods from the Western Region. Thus, they had no idea what a second carriage would contain.


However, they quickly broke free of their stupor and rushed forward when they heard Xie Yun’s orders.


“Send the Commandery Princess back to the Li Courtyard.”


One of the guards then carried Xie Liuli back to her room, while another went forward to push Xie Yun into the residence.


“Give it to me.” Du Rin suddenly demanded.


Xie Yun laughed. “The effects of such pills are only temporary. It will fade in two hours, so you don’t need any antidote for that.” Ignoring Du Rin, he addressed the guard, “Quickly push me into the residence.”


He was beginning to feel the effects of the pill Du Rin made him swallow.


Du Rin watched him leave with a resentful gaze before a smile spread on her visage. 


That pill he had swallowed has no known antidote in this world, and it is specially used in the bedrooms in the Western Region. The drug is very strong, and one can only find relief with the help of a woman. 


Xie Yun, I’d like to see if you can survive the night!


After returning to the main courtyard, Xie Yun instructed everyone to retreat, and that no one was allowed to enter even if they heard any disturbances.


The guards did not understand why he had given such an order, but obeyed nevertheless.

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