Du Rin laughed as she watched Xie Yun swallow the black pill. “This Princess is not cold-blooded, so I’ll let you make a choice between your sister and the woman you love. Only one of them can live. Make your choice.”


Silence hung in the air, and Du Rin’s gaze suddenly became sharp. “Not talking? Is it that you don’t know who to choose, or are you refusing to speak to me?”


Xie Yun then looked up at her, his previously gentle gaze turning cold. “This Prince is not a child, and there’s no use in trying to threaten and scare me into doing anything. You won’t be able to touch Zhen Yu.”


He knew that security had already been tightened in the Prince Hao residence, and Zhen Yu would be safe inside of it. Even if Du Rin dares to attempt to kidnap her, her men wouldn’t be powerful enough to do so.


Du Rin watched him carefully and noticed the look in his eyes. It was obvious he did not believe her, or rather, that he could not be bothered with her at all.


“Commandery Prince Xie, as you have predicted, this Princess doesn’t have the ability to abduct her from the Prince Hao Residence with how well she’s being protected. Don’t you feel like a loser having to depend on someone else to protect your lover?”


“I don’t. In fact, I feel very relieved. At the very least, I’m living a better life than you now.” Xie Yun pushed himself towards the window as he spoke.


“You’re nothing but a cripple who can’t even walk, and now that you’ve lost all your authority, you and your sister have fallen into this Princess’ hands. All you can do is wait for someone to come to your rescue, yet you still dare to say that you’re living a better life than me? What a joke!”


Du Rin’s fists clenched tightly under her sleeves. How dare he say something like that!


“This Prince is just speaking the truth. You’re angry because you’ve already lost.”


His voice was nothing but an irritating buzz in Du Rin’s ears. She smirked and walked towards him, grabbing his shoulder from behind. Xie Yun frowned, anger flashing in his eyes as he tried to push her away.


She spoke softly in his ear, “If you don’t listen, your sister will be the one getting hurt instead. She’s the only family you have left in this world.”


This was what he had taught me. Striking someone psychologically is a despicable move, but it works with brilliant efficiency.


Xie Yun stopped struggling after he heard what she said. He felt her warm breath in his ear as she continued speaking.


“You said that there’s nothing that cannot be accomplished, only people who don’t work hard enough.”


Du Rin laughed as she began unbuttoning his white outer garment. “Curious to know what that pill was? It’s something the males love most; something fiery.”


Her hand then started exploring under his garment.


Xie Yun’s eyes narrowed as he grabbed her with his right hand and threw her against the floor. “Tan Ge, don’t you find yourself cheap? How long have you not had a man for you to be so impatient?”


Du Rin picked herself up slowly. She did not look pitiful even though she had just been pushed to the floor. “I wonder who it was who cruelly defiled the body of this Princess. With how much you love forcing yourself upon women, did you force yourself on Zhen Yu too? Someone like you wouldn’t have the patience to pursue a woman, would you?”


Xie Yun shot her a cold gaze. She’s completely different than she was only a few months ago, willing to resort to these vicious tactics.


“Don’t worry, this Princess wouldn’t force this upon you.” Du Rin lowered her voice and inched toward him again. “The pill will take effect in an hour, so I’ll see how long you can last. But this Princess has no interest in you at all, so I’ve helped prepare some other women for you. All of them will be serving you at the same time.”

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