“Princess Consort, Commandery Prince Xie didn’t return to his residence, but went to the posthouse instead. However, he has stayed there for a long time, with no sign of coming out. The soldiers from the Western Region said that Commandery Prince Xie is staying in the posthouse for a meal, and that they will have a horse carriage send him back.”


Su Xi-er furrowed her brows. “Go and keep an eye on the posthouse. If Commandery Prince Xie hasn’t left by 9 pm, come back and report to me right away.”


“This subordinate understands.” The guard turned on his heel and swiftly left.


Zhen Yu had overheard their conversation from inside the room. Why did Commandery Prince Xie go to the posthouse? And what is it with the Western Region soldiers?


By the time Su Xi-er returned to the room, Zhen Yu’s expression was calm, and she didn’t ask about Xie Yun.


“Princess Consort, I can’t be a freeloader here; I can do all kinds of things.”


“You just have to take care of your body.” Su Xi-er could guess that Zhen Yu had heard the guard’s report.


“I’m the daughter of a farmer’s family from head to toe; I’m not that pampered. I can do things like needlework and cleaning.”


Hearing Zhen Yu mention needlework, Su Xi-er came up with an idea, “I’ll ask Hong Li to send some fabric here so that you can make some clothes for your child.”


Zhen Yu was caught by surprise, only managing to reply after a long time. “But I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.”


“Make clothes for both then. If it’s a boy, just give the girl’s clothes to me, and vice versa.”


Zhen Yu softly replied, “Mmm, thank you.”


The two continued to chat while strolling around the residence until Su Xi-er sent Zhen Yu back to her room at about 6pm, making sure that Ruo Yuan knew to take good care of the latter.


Not long after Su Xi-er left the side yard, she saw a guard rushing over. “Princess Consort, Prince Hao will be staying in the army barracks tonight. Please have your meal and rest on time.”


He wouldn’t avoid coming back if he could help it. Su Xi-er nodded. “What’s the situation at the army barracks?”


“Everything’s going very well; please don’t worry, Princess Consort.”


Su Xi-er pondered over it. If everything’s fine, he would just go to the army barracks and patrol for a few hours. Why does he have to stay there overnight? No, this won’t do. I won’t be able to put my mind at rest if I don’t go to have a look myself.


“Prepare a horse carriage; I’m going to the army barracks.” Su Xi-er instructed and walked off.


The guard was stunned. Prince Hao ordered me to not let the Princess Consort go to the army barracks. He immediately went to chase Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort, please rest in the residence. Prince Hao will be coming back early tomorrow morning.”


“I will come back with him early tomorrow morning.” Su Xi-er’s firm tone brooked no opposition.


The guard still wanted to speak, but was scared speechless by Su Xi-er’s gaze. I’m out of ideas; I must take the Princess Consort to the army barracks.


Soon, Su Xi-er boarded the horse carriage and headed straight for the army barracks in the suburbs.




Two hours later, the guard from the Prince Hao Residence who had been watching the entrance of the posthouse saw a horse carriage leaving. He immediately followed it and saw that the carriage entered the Commandery Prince Residence. It looks like the Commandery Prince has gone back to his residence.


The guard soon turned to leave for the Prince Hao Residence.


However, Xie Yun was still trapped in the room in the posthouse. The horse carriage had simply been a red herring used by Du Rin.


As night fell, Du Rin left her room clad in her colourful clothes, opening the previously locked door to the room in the side yard.


Under the illumination of the bright moonlight, Xie Yun’s white gown gave off a misty feel.


Du Rin shut the door behind her and lit a candle, its light shining on Xie Yun’s handsome face that didn’t look at all devilish.


“You have changed; it seems like you have really let go of things.” Du Rin spoke, but her only reply was silence.


A moment later, Du Rin took out a porcelain bottle from her sleeves, slowly opening it. “What you have done, I will have you pay for it ten-fold, starting with this pill. Take it.”


With the small black medicinal pill sitting in front of him, Xie Yun’s only reaction was to quietly stare at it.


“What, you’re not willing? Don’t worry, you won’t die from eating it.” Du Rin softly laughed before forcing the pill into his mouth.

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