Du Rin acted as if she had a hard time finding the words to say so that she could bait Xie Liuli. Finally, she took two steps forward and said, “It’s naturally regarding…” She purposely dragged out her words before fiercely striking Xie Liuli’s neck.


Xie Liuli’s eyes widened in shock, but they soon closed as she collapsed to the ground.


Gazing at Xie Liuli, Du Rin immediately summoned one of her personal guards. “Take her away.”


The personal guard glanced at the person lying on the ground. “Imperial Princess, this is Commandery Princess Xie. Commandery Prince Xie is still in the garden; if he finds that the Commandery Princess has gone missing…”


“What are you scared of? This Princess dares to detain even Commandery Prince Xie; what is a mere commandery princess?” Du Rin’s eyes grew harsh, and she could not keep the coldness from entering her voice.


The guard kept silent and bent down to pick up Xie Liuli, following Du Rin’s instructions and bringing her to a private room in the backyard.


As for Xie Yun, he could only turn the wheels by himself since there was nobody to push him. He had just left the garden when he saw two soldiers walking over to him. One of them pushed the wheelchair while the other respectfully said, “Commandery Prince, you will be having your meals here today. The Imperial Princess will let you go back when she’s happy.”


The corners of Xie Yun’s mouth raised into a smile, and a chuckle escaped from his lips. “The Imperial Princess wishes to confine this Prince? We are in Beimin; who gave her the guts to do so?”


“Umm… please ask the Imperial Princess. This subordinate is only following orders.” The soldier no longer spoke, signalling to his partner with his eyes to pick up the pace.


Soon, Xie Yun was pushed to a private room located at the west wing of the posthouse, the door immediately locking behind him as the guards left.


Xie Yun inwardly laughed. Do they really need to lock the door with my legs in this state? More importantly, where is Liuli?


Xie Yun’s hands tightened around the armrest until his knuckles turned white. Could Tan Ge have locked Liuli up too? Not only does she want to take revenge on me by targeting Zhen Yu, even Liuli isn’t safe. It turns out this woman’s heart is actually so vicious.


At that thought, Xie Yun couldn’t help but feel regret squeezing his heart.


My actions in the past were even more ruthless; what Tan Ge has done is only scratching the surface.


However, he then chuckled. The cycle of karma will ensure that I will eventually receive retribution, but even if she wants to implicate others, I’m not going to let her succeed!


Outside the posthouse, the guard from the Prince Hao Residence was still waiting for Xie Yun to come out, and couldn’t help but ask one of the guards by the door, “Commandery Prince Xie has been in there for so long; could you let me in to search for him? It’s getting late, and we have to return to the Commandery Prince Residence.”


The soldier at the entrance waved his hand. “The Commandery Prince will be having his meal in the posthouse today. You can return to the residence first. We will have a horse carriage send him back, so don’t worry.”


“Umm…” Despite his bewilderment, the guard understood that he alone was not enough to forcefully barge into the posthouse. It’d be better for me to return and report to Prince Hao.


Having come to a decision, he immediately leapt onto the horse carriage and cracked the whip, quickly arriving back at the Prince Hao Residence.


Unable to find Pei Qianhao, he immediately went to the side yard to look for Su Xi-er instead.


Upon entering, he spotted Ruo Yuan, and learned from her that Su Xi-er and Zhen Yu were currently talking inside the room.


Not daring to delay matters, the guard quickly went to the door. “Princess Consort, there’s an urgent matter to report.”


Su Xi-er immediately stood up from her seat and walked out. “What’s wrong?”

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