Du Rin stared at Xie Yun. It’s only been a few months, but he has changed a lot. His spirited and gentle countenance now contains a trace of weariness. Nowhere is the perpetual smile that used to be on his face, and his previous coldness has disappeared as well. He’s like an expressionless observer who doesn’t care about anything.


“Tan Ge, this Prince knows that you have come to Beimin to take revenge on me. Just shoot, what on earth do you want?” Xie Yun went straight to the point.


A sarcastic chuckle escaped from Du Rin’s lips. “Commandery Prince Xie, we’ve finally met again, but now you’re sitting in a wheelchair, crippled for life.” The ridicule in her voice deepened as she continued. “Not only that, you’ve even fallen in love with a woman. Seeing how much you liked manipulating them, I’m surprised you’re capable of doing so.”


“Tan Ge, this Prince doesn’t like to beat about the bush now. I don’t have the patience, so just directly tell me what you want.”


“Commandery Prince Xie, this Princess is now called Du Rin. You have no patience, but what does that have to do with me? If you don’t wish to have a conversation, you may leave.” Du Rin leisurely played with her nails as she spoke.


A glint flickered in Xie Yun’s eyes. “You’re the only person in this world who can still remain carefree after stealing someone else’s identity.”


“And,so what? This Princess now possesses tremendous power, unlike you. How are you going to compare to this Princess? I shall let you enjoy your last carefree days before I remind you of how you treated me. After all, threatening others is something I learned from you.” Du Rin poured a cup of tea for herself.


“Although this Prince has let go of my power, I still haven’t fallen to the state where I can be threatened by others. If you wish to play, this Prince shall accompany you. Don’t implicate others. Otherwise, you will meet with a tragic end.”


Du Rin clicked her tongue. “So scary. This Princess is really afraid that you’ll do something to me.” Du Rin abruptly stood up and walked to Xie Yun’s side, reaching out her hand to raise his chin.


In an instant, a hand closed around her wrist in a painful grip.


However, no matter how painful it was, Du Rin maintained her placid visage. “How did you touch this Princess back then? You took my virginity, yet you don’t even allow this Princess to touch you just a little?”


Xie Yun’s eyes darkened and he fiercely flung her hand away. “Tan Ge, now that you’ve obtained the status of an imperial princess, you’ve become more and more unbridled. Did you not learn anything besides climbing onto men’s beds after going to the Western Region?”


His words struck home, eliciting a cold snort from Du Rin. She moved closer before pushing his wheelchair down the pavilion stairs, causing him to fall to the ground.


Du Rin pointed at him. “Look at the state of you; how are you going to protect the woman you love?” Du Rin walked out of the pavilion and stopped beside him, looking down at him conceitedly and softly saying, “If this Princess tells Zhen Yu that you have a special hobby of forcing women to do that thing, not to mention how many you’ve done it to, how do you think she would respond?”


Xie Yun sat up and pulled on his wheelchair, instantly returning to his seat. “This Prince will not give you the chance to open your mouth.”


“It seems that you didn’t come here with the intention of sincerely asking for forgiveness, Commandery Prince Xie. If you don’t wish to have a conversation, that’s fine.” Du Rin laughed before walking out of the garden.


Watching her departing figure, Xie Yun loudly yelled, “You’re not to implicate others while settling the enmity between us.”


My treatment of Tan Ge in the past was inexcusable, and I have no choice but to pay for my crimes. I will accept everything, but I definitely won’t allow her to harm Zhen Yu.


After waiting in the main hall for a long while, Xie Liuli was surprised to see Du Rin walking out instead of her brother. She was about to rise to pay her respects, but Du Rin stopped her.


“Commandery Princess, you don’t have to stand on formality.”


“Imperial Princess, I’ll go to the garden to get my elder brother.” Xie Liuli was about to leave, but was stopped by Du Rin.


“Why are you in a hurry? There are some things this Princess wishes to tell you.”


Xie Liuli stopped in her tracks. “What do you want to say?”


Could it be about something between her and Elder Brother?

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