“Zhen Yu, what exactly are your feelings towards Brother Hu? Is it the obstinacy of a young person trying to hold him to a childhood promise, or do you truly love him?” Su Xi-er asked as she sat beside Zhen Yu.


Brother Hu left Peach Blossom Village when he was seven, and Zhen Yu was still young then. Certainly, they had a childhood promise, but how would a young child even understand love at such an age?


Zhen Yu was taken aback. It has been so many years, yet I’ve never been asked about this, nor have I considered it myself. Could it be that my ‘love’ was nothing but indignation about a childhood promise? Did I even understand love when we made the promise?


Observing her reaction, Su Xi-er felt as if she could understand Zhen Yu better, and she grasped the latter’s hand before slowly continuing. “Think about the relationship between you and Brother Hu carefully. If it were me, I can only feel that the most I would feel is liking him. With so many years having passed, you may have felt indignant when the villagers told you that Brother Hu wouldn’t return; you didn’t want to hear others talk badly about the person you trusted and liked.”


Su Xi-er paused and stared straight at Zhen Yu. “Liking someone and loving them are two different things. You like Brother Hu, but you don’t love him.”


Every word was like a heavy stone weighing down on Zhen Yu’s heart. I only like Brother Hu and don’t love him? Who says that I don’t love him?


“Zhen Yu, don’t lie to yourself. When I came in, I noticed you stroking your stomach; you care about this child, even if Xie Yun forced himself upon you. I’m not trying to speak for him, but now that you’re pregnant, you need someone to take care of you, so I can’t let you leave.”


“Princess Consort, I…” Zhen Yu had many things she wanted to say, but she didn’t know where to start.


“Don’t abort the child; every child and their mother are brought together by fate.” Su Xi-er gently patted Zhen Yu’s hand. 


Besides, Xie Yun treats her pretty well now.


After contemplating for a long while, Zhen Yu finally relented. “After giving birth to the child, I’ll leave and bring the child with me.”


“Alright, at that time, you can go wherever you want; I won’t stop you.” Su Xi-er replied with a smile.




Meanwhile, after leaving the Prince Hao Residence, Xie Yun ordered the guards to head for the posthouse instead of returning to the Commandery Prince Residence.


In less than half an hour, a horse carriage stopped before the posthouse, and Xie Liuli pushed Xie Yun’s wheelchair down a wooden plank that had been propped up against the vehicle.


A few Western Region soldiers were stationed at the entrance, and they immediately came forth when they spotted the two visitors. “May I ask who you are?”


Xie Yun flashed a cordial smile. “Please report to the Imperial Princess that Commandery Prince Xie of Beimin has arrived.”


Hearing his title, one of the soldiers immediately turned into the posthouse to report to Du Rin. The woman in question was having tea in the hall, and wasn’t surprised by her visitor’s arrival.


Su Xi-er must have told him that I’m already in Beimin. Did Xie Yun come here so hastily because he’s afraid that I’ll make a move on Zhen Yu?


“Bring Commandery Prince Xie in. This Princess will wait for him in the pavilion in the garden.”


“This subordinate will get to it.”


Soon, Xie Liuli pushed Xie Yun into the posthouse and followed the soldier to the pavilion.


There were a few plates of pastries, as well as a celadon tea set on the stone table.


Xie Yun looked towards Xie Liuli. “Liuli, wait for me in the hall; I’ll be out soon.”


“Elder Brother…” Xie Liuli wanted to continue, but immediately quieted down and left the pavilion after seeing a look from her brother.

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