“It doesn’t matter. The Third Imperial Prince is impatient, so he will appear on his own.”


Wu Ling nodded before then asking, “Do we need to send guards to keep an eye on the posthouse?”


“No need; I don’t have to waste that many resources on Du Rin.”


Seeing Pei Qianhao answer him in such a calm manner, Wu Ling knew that he already had a plan in mind. Wu Ling thus bowed to acknowledge the order and proceeded to place more guards in the Prince Hao Residence.


Pei Qianhao then boarded a horse carriage and headed for the army barracks.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er had entered the side yard to find Xie Liuli standing behind her older brother, who was currently sitting in his wheelchair.


Xie Liuli greeted Su Xi-er as she walked over. “You’re here, Princess Consort.”


“What happened? Wasn’t everything okay last night?” Su Xi-er’s eyes turned to Xie Yun as she spoke.


“Su Xi-er, get the imperial physician to come over and help Zhen Yu abort the child.” Xie Yun’s expression was rather placid.


Xie Liuli stared at him. “Elder Brother, Zhen Yu is pregnant with your child. The baby is the Xie Family’s flesh and blood too. How can we abort the baby like that?”


“I’m not going to force Zhen Yu if she doesn’t want the baby. If anything, the magistrate should have me in jail for now for what I’ve done to her.”


Noticing Xie Yun’s calm visage, she spoke. “I had initially hoped to avoid becoming involved with your matter, but I’m sure that you’ve heard about Du Rin’s arrival. You should understand what she’s planning to do, and I don’t wish for Zhen Yu to be caught in the crossfire.”


Xie Yun’s grip on the wheelchair turned his knuckles white as he heard Du Rin being mentioned. “I’ll take care of her.”


Xie Liuli did not understand their conversation at all. “Elder Brother, Du Rin is the Western Region’s Imperial Princess; what happened between the two of you? How could you two-time? Don’t you know you’re letting Zhen Yu down like that?”


Su Xi-er went up to pat Xie Liuli on the shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. She then turned to Xie Yun. “I don’t particularly care that you’re unable to walk, but I hope that you can continue to live. If you die, Zhen Yu would be left alone.. You know that Rong Qing...”


She paused. I have never expected such a day to come. I had looked down upon Xie Yun in the past, feeling that he deserved nothing but death. But now, I actually wish for him to continue living.


Xie Yun looked at the tightly shut door to the room, as if he could see the woman inside. “I know what to do. Liuli, take me out of the residence.”


Xie Liuli was confused, but she nodded when she saw the determined gaze in her brother’s eyes. “Alright, we’ll go back to the Commandery Prince residence.”


“I’ll get a horse carriage for the both of you.” Su Xi-er walked the siblings out. She knew that Xie Yun wanted to settle matters with Du Rin. She had misunderstood that the latter’s only objective in returning to Beimin was to take her revenge on Xie Yun.


Su Xi-er returned to the side yard shortly after leading the siblings out, entering the room without knocking.


Before she even stepped in, she saw Zhen Yu looking down at her own stomach, her right hand caressing it.


She knew Zhen Yu hated Xie Yun, but she could not bear to hurt the baby. It’s just like what Empress Mother said to me in the past. “A woman would feel like they are a mother as soon as they feel the baby growing inside of them. As for men, they would only feel the same once the baby is born.”


Zhen Yu heard the door open and stopped touching her stomach. She said softly, “Princess Consort, I’d like to leave.”


Su Xi-er closed the door and rejected her request immediately. “You can’t leave, but I must ask, do you want to keep the baby?” She asked Zhen Yu directly, wanting to see how she would react.


Hesitation flashed past Zhen Yu’s eyes before she replied, “Princess Consort, I beg of you, please get a physician to come and abort the baby.”


“Are you sure, Zhen Yu? If you can never become a mother again after aborting this baby, would you still go ahead with it?”

Zhen Yu paused, realising the hidden meaning in her words. This baby will be my only child if I don’t marry or get involved with other men.

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