Her appearance reminded Du Rin of her 10-year-old self, as well as Chao Mu from the Imperial Library.


The pure Chao Mu is already dead, and I am also no longer who I once was. It seems like all the pure and innocent people that meet Su Xi-er are doomed to either end up dead or swept up in life-changing conflicts.


Is it Su Xi-er’s fault, or is it simply their fate?


“Princess Consort, please accompany the Imperial Princess. I will look for you again when you are done with your conversation.” Xie Liuli bowed and walked out of the plum blossom grove.


Xie Liuli’s appearance had allowed Du Rin to confirm what she needed to, and she decided not to impose on them any longer. “This Princess really likes this branch of plum blossom, and I plan to bring it with me. Many thanks for strolling around with me, Princess Consort. You should go and drink another bowl of red bean soup. This Princess shall also not disturb you any further.”


Su Xi-er extended her hand. “I’ll lead you out of the residence.”


The two remain silent throughout the journey. Du Rin’s expression was placid, but Su Xi-er’s words lingered in her mind. 


She doesn’t care about how I deal with Xie Yun, but I mustn’t implicate the innocent, which must be referring to Zhen Yu. Since she’s currently staying in the Prince Hao Residence, they must be protecting her.


Xie Yun likes to threaten women, and yet his kryptonite is Zhen Yu. If I insist on laying my hands on Zhen Yu, how is Su Xi-er going to pursue the matter? If I make Su Xi-er unhappy, I will no longer be Du Rin, and will become Tan Ge instead?


Haha, Su Xi-er, you’ve been overly sheltered by Pei Qianhao to the extent that you don’t understand the specifics of the situation in the outside world. The Western Region’s people don’t care who you are; they only recognise the military tally. Even if it is the King, mismanagement of the court may lead to him losing his position to pressure from the left and right factions.


The left faction’s leader is already head over heels for me, but as for the right faction’s leader, he’s a young and capable man who doesn’t fall for bait easily.


When Su Xi-er and Du Rin were about to reach the entrance, they noticed that Commander Zhao Wu had already arrived and was speaking with Pei Qianhao.


There was a harsh look in Du Rin’s eyes. Well done, Commander Zhao Wu! Let’s see whose side you’re on! 


She walked towards Commander Zhao Wu, stopping in front of him. “This Princess has just entered the Prince Hao Residence, and you have already followed me here?”


“Your Highness, this subordinate was asking Prince Hao about the talented and handsome young men in Beimin.” 


Commander Zhao Wu had already instructed his subordinates to swiftly send a letter back to the Grand Empress Dowager to inform her of the situation in Beimin.


Hearing the words ‘talented and handsome young men’, Su Xi-er immediately knew what was up. “Does the Western Region plan on forging a marriage alliance with Beimin?”


Commander Zhao Wu smiled. “The Western Region does indeed have such intentions to strengthen the deep relationship our two countries share. With the remote location of the Western Region, our King hopes to integrate Beimin’s concepts of governance, horticulture, and trade.”


“There are many talented and handsome young men in Beimin; I wonder what the Imperial Princess’ standards are like?” Su Xi-er purposely asked.


Du Rin looked at her for a moment before chuckling. “The Western Region’s citizens like men with good combat skills and imposing auras. If this Princess really had to pick someone, that would be Prince Hao.”


All my preparations and efforts to enter the Beauty Palace back then were for the sake of Pei Qianhao. Now that I’m asked who I fancy, that would naturally be Prince Hao.


Commander Zhao Wu clearly didn’t expect Du Rin to say something like that. Prince Hao naturally excels in all aspects, but he dotes on his Princess Consort. With how recent their marriage is, they’re naturally in the honeymoon phase. The Imperial Princess shouldn’t have thoughtlessly said such a thing.


Su Xi-er was not someone to be trifled with. “Imperial Princess, you should set your standards lower. Otherwise, you’ll be alone for your whole life.”


“You really have an eloquent tongue, Princess Consort. This Princess is very scared.” Du Rin then glanced towards Commander Zhao Wu. “Let’s leave.”


Commander Zhao Wu bowed at Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er. “Please forgive the Imperial Princess for the inconvenience.”


Pei Qianhao waved his hand. “Commander Zhao Wu, this Prince hopes that you can report to the Western Region King that Beimin can’t agree to the marriage alliance.”

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