Watching the slender figure in fiery red walk towards the plum blossom grove, Du Rin was reminded of the words she had uttered. You look like an imperial princess indeed. 


Not to mention, she deliberately added stressed that I ‘look like’ one. With Su Xi-er’s wits, she definitely knows my true identity, but she didn’t expose me. 


Su Xi-er, do you know that I have stolen your identity? Are you not fighting for it because you simply don’t care?


This identity I have obtained through painstaking efforts doesn’t even amount to a speck of dust in your eyes. How ridiculous I am.


Du Rin’s hands clenched into fists, and the look in her eyes briefly deepened.


She walked into the plum blossom grove and spotted Su Xi-er looking up at the plum blossoms, simply admiring them without trying to pick any.


“Princess Consort, since you like them, why not pick them and set them in a vase beside your bed?”


Su Xi-er slowly replied, “In your eyes, everything that has caught your eye must be obtained, and similarly, destroyed if it is something you hate. Du Rin, let me give you these words: A single thought can decide life and death.”


These were the words A-Jing used to convince Xie Yun to let go of everything.


“Princess Consort, you really know how to jest. For a person who has died once, what life and death is there to speak of?” Du Rin laughed.


The old me is long dead; such words no longer hold any meaning for me.


“I am aware of your purpose in coming to the Prince Hao Residence, and I will tell you that regardless of what you do, I won’t interfere in the grudge between you and Xie Yun. However, if you harm the innocent…” Su Xi-er paused, her eyes becoming as deep as bottomless pits. “If I’m happy, you will be Du Rin. But if I’m not… you will be Tan Ge.”


Du Rin inwardly snorted. Threatening me? I didn’t expect that there’d be a day where Su Xi-er would threaten me. For her to do so… it looks like Xie Yun and the Prince Hao Residence have a pretty good relationship. Su Xi-er has learnt from Xie Yun how to threaten others.


“What are you talking about, Princess Consort? I don’t understand; who on earth is Tan Ge? Is this Princess very similar to her?” Du Rin glanced at the plum blossoms before breaking off a  branch. “And so what if the proud plum blossom can bloom in winter? It’s still at the mercy of humans.”


“You are like Tan Ge in some ways, but you are also different.” Su Xi-er slowly remarked before putting on a solemn expression. “Du Rin, get back to the Western Region right away.”


Du Rin was about to answer when a woman called out. “Princess Consort, you’re really here; Ruo Yuan was right.”


The woman was none other than Xie Liuli. She had come to look for Su Xi-er because the situation in the side yard wasn’t optimistic.


Upon noticing Xie Liuli, Du Rin understood that Xie Yun was also in the Prince Hao Residence. It appears that the rumours of Xie Yun liking a woman called Zhen Yu who resides here are true. Since he likes to manipulate women, wouldn’t it be interesting if I were to threaten him with Zhen Yu?


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Landing such a blow on Xie Yun would be exhilarating! If Zhen Yu finds out that Xie Yun was once in an entangled relationship with a woman called Tan Ge, wouldn’t she be fuming mad?


Naturally, Du Rin was unaware that Xie Yun’s love was one-sided.


Su Xi-er looked towards Xie Liuli and introduced her to Du Rin. “This is the Western Region Imperial Princess.”


“So she is the Western Region Imperial Princess.” Xie Liuli was all smiles as she bowed. “Liuli pays her respects to Your Highness.”


Du Rin waved her hand for Xie Liuli to rise. “This Princess heard that there’s only one woman called Liuli in the capital of Beimin: Commandery Prince Xie’s sole younger sister, Xie Liuli. I presume you are the Commandery Princess Xie I spoke of?”


“That is me.” Xie Liuli genially replied with a smile. 

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