Du Rin glanced at Pei Qianhao before turning back to Su Xi-er. “This Princess has all the time in the world, but I believe that’s not the case for the Princess Consort. This Princess is quite puzzled. Isn’t the morning court being held now? Doesn’t Prince Hao have to attend?”


She paused, pretending to think about something for a moment before continuing. “This Princess understands. Prince Hao is the one who gets the final say, and that naturally includes when he wants to show up for the morning court assembly. Everyone says that you possess great power, and that even those who offend you in the slightest bit can be punished cruelly.”


Su Xi-er did not speak, simply observing Du Rin as she listened. I can understand if she said all that to spite Xie Yun, but why is she finding fault with Pei Qianhao?


Pei Qianhao kept a poker face as he looked at the now cold bowl of red bean soup on the table. Xi-er would have finished that bowl of soup if it weren’t for Du Rin’s visit.


“Your Highness,  since you already know that this Prince’s methods are cruel, you should be careful as well.” Pei Qianhao stood up and walked towards her, his imposing aura turning the atmosphere heavy. “This Prince would naturally welcome you if Your Highness was really here for a visit.”


In the past, Du Rin would have buckled under that pressure. But now, even if he were to come up and strangle her, she would simply laugh in his face. I’m literally dancing on the edge of a blade; why would I even be scared of him?


She smirked to herself, but a gentle smile appeared on her countenance. “This Princess had met the Princess Consort once in the teahouse when I first arrived in Beimin. There isn’t anyone else I can talk to in Beimin, and I had a good time chatting with the Princess Consort since we are about the same age.”


Su Xi-er turned to Pei Qianhao. “Since the Imperial Princess says she enjoys chatting with me, why not let us be for now?”


Pei Qianhao understood her intentions with one look, and he left with a nod.


Du Rin’s gaze briefly swept through the main hall when she was sure that Pei Qianhao was gone. My stay in the Beauty Palace had lasted almost three years, but to think that this is the first time I have come here. As her gaze landed on the bowl of red bean soup, she asked, “Is the Princess Consort not feeling well? You’re drinking red bean soup this early in the morning when the dishes you took at the palace banquet last night were already nourishing.”


Su Xi-er did not answer her question directly as she calmly said, “I’ve told you yesterday that I’m hoping to get pregnant after marrying Prince Hao. Drinking it is good for a woman’s body.”


Du Rin’s heart sank slightly, but she kept her smile on her face. “Look at me, I’m so silly. Not only is red bean soup good for the body, it also increases the chances of getting pregnant.”


“Your Highness, you will eventually get married as well, so you’ll have to drink it too.” Su Xi-er replied casually, not knowing she had hurt Du Rin with her words.


Getting married and having children...I will never get to experience those in my life anymore. Du Rin thought silently to herself.


“Your Highness, tell me more about the Western Region. I’m really curious.” Su Xi-er gestured to Du Rin, signalling for her to take a seat. It looked like she wanted to have a serious discussion.


Du Rin had only mentioned the Western Region’s customs in passing, and hadn’t expected for Su Xi-er to really be interested. 


Does she want to visit the Western Region? So what if you visit? I still won’t let you take away the position of Imperial Princess. The fact that I dared to come to Beimin means that I also dare to face Su Xi-er. With how powerful her husband is, I won’t be surprised if he has already discovered Su Xi-er’s real identity.


“Your Highness, why are you not talking?” Su Xi-er pretended to be very curious.

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