At this moment, a cold male voice rang out. “This Prince has said that Commandery Prince Xie is now allowed to enter and leave the Prince Hao Residence as he pleases. As for Zhen Yu, this Prince and the Princess Consort will not impose restrictions.”


Xie Liuli was slightly stunned. Does this mean my brother can visit Zhen Yu every day as long as she stays in the Prince Hao Residence?


“Xi-er, it’s cold outside. Let’s go back to the main yard.” Pei Qianhao frowned as he felt her icy hand.


Su Xi-er nodded and said before leaving, “The two of you can stay in the side yard as well.”


Thoughts were racing through Xie Liuli’s mind even after they left. Elder Brother will be able to take care of Zhen Yu if he’s allowed to stay here, but what about Brother Hu? Will Zhen Yu be able to let go of him?


Xie Yun was sitting in a wheelchair in the room, silently watching the woman sleeping in the bed. He swept his eyes over her, simply appreciating that he could do so before his eyes landed on her stomach that was underneath the blanket.


Our child is in there. She knew that she was pregnant, but she hasn’t mentioned aborting the child despite hating me. Does this mean that she couldn’t bear to do so?


At that thought, Xie Yun’s lips turned up slightly. 


After going through so much, I have finally understood that nothing is as important as being able to see her and watch over her by her side. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t accept him, I am still willing to stay. Despite having been through a lot, there is still this selfishness in me.


I don’t want her to keep thinking about Brother Hu, but I will never sever her dreams by telling her that the man of her dreams already has an expecting wife.


The current Xie Yun was too busy dealing with his personal feelings, much less the matters of the Western Region’s Imperial Princess.


However, fate was strange, and the one that he wished to ignore would undoubtedly come looking for him.


The morning of the next day, Wu Ling entered the main hall and bowed in respect. “Prince Hao, Princess Consort, the Western Region Imperial Princess is at the door.”


Su Xi-er was drinking red bean soup when Wu Ling had walked in, only to turn to Pei Qianhao and see the exact same look on his face.


With a wave of his hand, Pei Qianhao instructed, “Let her in.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” Wu Ling turned after acknowledging the order.


Su Xi-er put down the porcelain bowl and said, “Xie Yun hasn’t left, so she must have found out that he’s here.”


“Xi-er, every commoner was made aware when we were looking for Zhen Yu previously. It’s easy for Du Rin to find out as long as she asks around.”


Su Xi-er’s gaze turned a degree colder. “A-Jing, Zhen Yu and Chao Mu are both innocent souls. Chao Mu is dead, and I don’t care about Xie Yun. But I will make sure to protect Zhen Yu to the best of my ability.”


Pei Qianhao understood that Su Xi-er had never stopped feeling guilty about Chao Mu having died in her place.


Wearing a colorful dress, Du Rin smiled as she entered. She looked different from yesterday, and the peacock hairpin from before was replaced with an exquisite pink hairpin.


The new hair accessory was not something from the Western Region; it was from the Central Plains.


Du Rin bowed to Pei Qianhao in greeting. She said, “This Princess is here to apologise for being impolite last night.”


“There’s no need to apologise. All who visit are guests.” Su Xi-er stood up and stopped right in front of Du Rin. “Your hairpin looks pretty.”


Du Rin smiled. “This Princess went out of my way to purchase it from a jewelry store this morning. Princess Consort, we’re really alike. You like crimson colours, and I like them too.”


“Is that so? Then why are you wearing such a colorful dress today?” Su Xi-er gave a polite smile, but with a distant tone.


“The imperial princesses in the Western Region are not allowed to wear crimson dresses. Red represents blood in the Western Region, and it also represents internal strife in the court. Even when the king gets married, the queen consort will be in dresses like these.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “I see. Your Highness is already so familiar with the customs of the Western Region despite only having returned not long ago. I’d love to hear more about the Western Region if you have the time.”

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