Her thoughts were exposed by him very quickly.


“You are still not clear about this prince’s maxim in handling matters? You made use of this prince. It won’t end as simply as letting me touch your face.” He then hooked her waist with his other hand and took her into his arms.


His hand slowly wandered upwards, making Su Xi-er very uncomfortable. Other than the face, he still wants to body?


No way!


Su Xi-er immediately raised her hands to refuse him, but was firmly pressed to the wall before she could do anything else.


His breath sprinkled on her neck. “Do you know the delight in hunting? The more you struggle, the more you can elicit the interest of the hunter.” 


The hidden implication in his words was clear. “If you move again, don’t blame this prince for not being polite.” 


Su Xi-er stopped struggling. She felt very uncomfortable that she was incapable of resistance when oppressed by a man.


After all, she was repulsed by men. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she detested them!


However, he was still not getting up, and the warmth from her neck caused her to knit her eyebrows.


“Prince Hao, this servant is uncomfortable.”


Pei Qianhao raised his head from her neck and caught sight of her radiant gaze, something he had never seen before with other women.


But there was irritation on her visage. Irritation towards him.


It was rare for him to come across a woman who loathed him. Pei Qianhao raised his eyebrow, moving his hand away from her waist and placing it on her lips.


“This mouth of yours can speak pretty well. How should I punish it?”


His lips fell again before she could speak; this time however, they fell softly on her lips.


As he opened his eyes to look at her, he found that her eyes were also open.


In a split second, he deepened the kiss and oppressed her until she was unable to breathe.


Finally, he let go of her.


Su Xi-er looked at him. I wasn’t able to ward him off every time. Only by having kissed many women can he reach such a proficient level, right?


However, she didn’t know that she was the first woman he had ever kissed. She was also the first woman he still wanted to kiss after kissing her once.


The reason was very simple. He was very interested in her eyes that openly displayed her hostility towards him. And yet, she could only quietly endure, despite being indignant.


After the kiss, the two didn’t say anything. Red spots had already appeared on Su Xi-er’s arms.


Pei Qianhao chuckled and grabbed her arm after seeing them. Taking out a white porcelain bottle from his sleeve, he took the chance to apply it for her.


“The red spots will disappear in a short while. Since you dealt with the Laundry Service Bureau’s palace maids in such a manner, this prince presumes that you want to enter the Laundry Service Bureau. From today onwards, you don’t need to work in the Palace Side Quarters. You will report directly to the Laundry Service Bureau to wash clothes.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t know Su Xi-er’s real reason for her actions, and assumed that she wanted to enter the Laundry Service Bureau.


Su Xi-er didn’t explain. So be it, there is nothing I can do if he is dead set on believing that I am responsible for knocking out him and the imperial guards. 


However, she wanted to know what he would do if he had ample evidence.


After helping her to apply the medicinal powder, Pei Qianhao turned to leave.


Su Xi-er immediately called out to him, “Prince Hao, if you find the woman who ambushed you, what would you do?”


He chuckled. “Of course I would punish her severely and kill her. Don’t you know this prince’s thoughts?” He then walked out.


Su Xi-er remained standing at the same spot, bemused.


Was what he said true or false? Can a man’s words be trusted?


Almost immediately, Su Xi-er shook her head. I can’t believe a single sentence. In this lifetime, I will only believe in myself.


However, she didn’t know that if it had been the Pei Qianhao of the past, he would kill those who provoked him as long as he had the slightest evidence.


As for what he told Su Xi-er, it was true, but the prerequisite was that he cared enough to search for said evidence.


The current Pei Qianhao wasn’t looking for the evidence; or if he had found it, he wasn’t telling anyone.


After Pei Qianhao walked out of the room, he saw Wu Ling waiting for him at the Imperial Physician Institute’s gate.


When he arrived, Wu Ling immediately bowed to him. “Prince Hao, you are invited to attend Nanzhao’s state banquet.”

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Pei Qianhao didn’t know Su Xi-er’s real reason for her actions, and assumed that she wanted to enter the Laundry Service Bureau.