He looked up to see the words ‘Commandery Prince Residence’ emblazoned in gold lettering. There is only one commandery prince in Beimin, so this has to be Commandery Prince Xie’s residence. Why did the Imperial Princess come here in the dead of the night, only to stare at the entrance?


Did she come to know Commandery Prince Xie while she was still living in Beimin, and did she have feelings for him? His eyelids twitched at the thought. I have to write to the Grand Empress Dowager to report on this, and I’ll have to get the soldiers to send the letter to the Western Region as quickly as possible.


Du Rin stood outside the entrance. 


The evil man who inflicted so much pain on me is right inside. I had done my best to avoid him in the past, but now that I have gained the strength... Xie Yun, you’re the first on my list!


I stepped onto the path of no return after being defiled by you; you’re the one I hate the most!


Du Rin clenched her fists in her sleeves as her body tensed up. 


I won’t enter tonight. Instead, I will bide my time before appearing before him at the correct moment. I need to find out if his supposed illness is genuine.


I’ll take care of Pei Qianhao after I’m done with Xie Yun. A simple edict from him had banished everyone from the Tan Residence to the borders, causing my family to crumble. Even though I no longer care for the fate of the Tan Residence, those people were still my blood relatives, with the same blood that is flowing through my veins.


Commander Zhao Wu went forward, feeling that Du Rin seemed rather downcast. “Imperial Princess, although Commandery Prince Xie is crippled, if you have feelings for him, this subordinate can report to the Grand Empress Dowager. The Western Region will then propose a marriage alliance with Beimin.”


Du Rin’s gaze turned cold instantly. “The Grand Empress Dowager wants this Princess to marry and form a marriage alliance with Beimin?”


“That’s right. The preferred candidate was actually Prince Hao, but he and Princess Consort Hao are so deeply in love that it would never work. This subordinate realised that you seem to treat the Commandery Prince quite differently. The Grand Empress Dowager dotes on you, so no matter who you want to marry, she would think of ways to make it work in order to fulfil your wishes.”


Du Rin laughed mockingly. “You actually think that this Princess likes Commandery Prince Xie? This Princess...” can’t wait for him to die an agonising death!


Commander Zhao Wu was a Western Region citizen through and through, and though he was bold and direct, he could only read Du Rin’s inner turmoil as her having taken a fancy to a man. No matter what, we have to choose someone from among Beimin’s high ranks to be the prince consort.


The Western Region can’t remain limited to the Gobi Desert, even though we have successfully built some oases dotted across the sandy landscape under the rule of our king. After an increase in communication with the Central Plains in recent years, a marriage alliance is the best way forward.


“Commander Zhao Wu, you said Commandery Prince Xie is crippled? How did that happen?” Du Rin asked with curiosity.


“This subordinate learnt about this from Commander Yuchi. He said that Commandery Prince Xie fell from a mountain, and it’s no inconvenient for him to walk.”


“Is that so?” Du Rin scoffed as she turned to glance at the entrance to the residence again. Xie Yun, weren’t you very powerful? Yet after losing women to manipulate, you actually managed to fall off a mountain and become a cripple because of Pei Qianhao, even allowing him to keep you locked up here like a common loser.


At this moment, the doors suddenly opened. Two guards walked out, rubbing their hands together in the cold. “The Commandery Prince left for the Prince Hao Residence, but why isn’t he back yet?”


Du Rin could not help but have her suspicions after hearing this. Both Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er were in the palace, so when did Xie Yun go to the Prince Hao residence? What is he planning?


The guards were surprised as they saw Du Rin. They could tell she was not from Beimin by her clothes.


“Imperial Princess, it’s time to go. It’s not good if others see us here.” Commander Zhao Wu tried to persuade her to leave in a low voice.

Du Rin nodded and turned to leave, but there was still a trace of bafflement in her eyes. The security at the Prince Hao Residence is very tight, so it’s impossible for Xie Yun to enter as he pleases. What on earth is the relationship between them?

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