Noticing that Su Xi-er was upset, Pei Qianhao kept Du Rin’s transgression in mind. Of all things, why did she have to bring this up? I think Du Rin needs to be taught a lesson.


“This Princess is curious, both Commandery Prince Xie and Prince Hao are prominent figures, but why don’t I see the former around?” Du Rin laughed and pretended to ask casually.


Commander Zhao Wu already heard about what happened to Xie Yun from Yuchi Mo, but he had yet to share it with Du Rin. He simply eliminated the crippled commandery prince from the list of potential spouses.


Pei Qianhao glanced at Situ Lin, signalling for him to say something. It’ll be better to have the emperor answer in this kind of situation.


Situ Lin instantly took the hint. “Your Highness, Commandery Prince Xie is unwell, and is currently recuperating in his residence. This Emperor will only allow him to participate in court affairs after he recovers.”


Du Rin nodded, keeping her thoughts to herself. Ha, how is it possible for the power-hungry Xie Yun to quietly recuperate in his residence? I wonder if he even knows I have returned, or how Pei Qianhao managed to coerce him into lowering his head. Do you know Xie Yun, that I’m no longer the same as before? Aren’t you afraid?


Du Rin was instantly cheered up by the news. I want Xie Yun to go through a world of pain before meeting his demise; only then will I be able to have my revenge for all the torture he had inflicted upon me!


Under the red glow of the lanterns and bright moonlight, Su Xi-er caught the flicker of darkness that flitted across Du Rin’s eyes. There are no vestiges of her pure innocent soul, only malice and evil. I’m afraid that hatred is the sole purpose that keeps her going. 


“Princess Consort Hao, this Princess has heard of your unparalleled dancing skills; may I witness them in person tonight?” Du Rin looked up with a smile.


Ignoring Pei Qianhao’s gaze, Su Xi-er nodded in agreement. “Sure.”


She then left her seat and headed for the stage.


This performance hadn’t been planned for, and the musicians had no idea what they would be playing. Instead, Su Xi-er walked to a nearby plum tree before plucking one of its branches that were blooming with fiery red blossoms, perfectly complimenting her dress.


Her svelte figure went up onto the stage, her back facing the audience as the branch was held in one hand. With a swift turn, her dress billowed in the wind, the gentle ripples of fabric forming an enchanting picture.


Her movements were unhurried, a stark contrast from Du Rin’s wild and passionate dance. Even then, everyone was captivated by the silently dancing figure on stage, their breath caught in their throats for fear of disturbing the elegance in front of them. It was like watching a fairy on stage - a goddess descended from heaven.


Her smile tugged the heartstrings of all who were present, and the audience continued to be fascinated by her performance. Unsullied elegance, that was the biggest difference between Su Xi-er and Du Rin.


Du Rin picked up her wine cup and leisurely sipped on her wine. She saw that the audience, Pei Qianhao included, still had their eyes set on the woman on stage. The look of warmth in his eyes was enough to make jealousy rear its ugly head in Du Rin’s heart.


I had stayed in the Beauty Palace for almost three years, but the number of times I saw Pei Qianhao in person can be counted on one hand, or perhaps should I say that I didn’t even catch a proper glimpse of the man. I had thought that Pei Qianhao’s stony heart was cold as ice, and that no woman could melt it. However, it seemed that this heart of stone has fallen deeply in love.

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