Just as the two arrived at the entrance of the Imperial Garden, they could hear the sounds of applause and silk bamboo music[1]. When Su Xi-er looked into the distance, she could make out a female figure clad in colourful clothes dancing on the stage. Her alluring figure swayed with the music as she danced faster and more extravagantly.


She could immediately identify that the woman dancing on stage was Du Rin.


A smile hung at the corner of Su Xi-er’s mouth as she walked closer. However, it was only then that she realised something about the dance Du Rin was performing.


This is so… Her arms and everything below her knees are exposed...even the collar of her dress is low, allowing one to vaguely see a certain soft part of the body constantly jumping around…


She glanced at the officials, noticing that every one of them had their eyes fixed on Du Rin. No one had seen this kind of dance before. To them, Du Rin was like an elf in the forest, moving with the wind without the restraints of her dress.


When the dance came to an end, Du Rin bowed and deliberately smiled at Pei Qianhao in an alluring way.


However, before the audience could even bring their hands up to clap, a cold voice swept over the garden. “The Western Region’s dance is indeed very unique. This has broadened my horizons today.”


The crowd immediately returned to their senses and rose to pay their respects. “This humble subject pays his respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er waved her hand. “All of you were watching the dance, leaving me to watch you. Upon closer inspection, I find that this dance really captivates the heart.”


There was an undertone in her words that the officials could clearly discern. Among them, some were already in their forties and fifties. Hearing Su Xi-er’s comment, they felt quite embarrassed.


Pei Qianhao left his seat and walked to Su Xi-er before stopping to tidy her hair, then proceeding to take her hand and lead her to the seat beside him.


Only then did the audience understand the reason Pei Qianhao had kept the seat beside him empty. So, it’s because Prince Hao had already arranged for Princess Consort Hao to come for the night banquet. Our attention was captivated by the dance that none of us even had the chance to observe her as she entered. However, it’s hard to not feel astounded by her.


Although the Western Region Imperial Princess is lively and wild, she lacks some depth when compared to Princess Consort Hao. Du Rin makes people want to get closer to such a beauty, while Princess Consort Hao causes others to treat her like a goddess that can’t be desecrated.


On the stage, Du Rin softly chuckled before walking down. Commander Zhao Wu immediately passed her a long colourful coat.


Du Rin took it and swiftly put it over her shoulders. As she walked, her colourful shoes adorned with bells were a sight to behold.


She slowly walked over and raised a cup at Su Xi-er. “Upon seeing Princess Consort Hao today, this Princess can see why the reputation of your beauty spreads throughout the land. It is no surprise that you have obtained Prince Hao’s love.” Du Rin downed the contents of her cup.


The palace maid behind Su Xi-er immediately went forward to pour a cup of tea for Su Xi-er, and the latter raised her cup to Du Rin. “I’ll toast Your Highness with tea in place of wine.”


However, Du Rin stopped her before she could drink. “Since this Princess has toasted you with wine, custom dictates that you should return the toast with wine.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “As Your Highness has yet to marry, you naturally don’t understand the feeling of being someone’s wife. Prince Hao and I are married, so it’s a given that we are preparing to have a child. I can’t touch a single drop of wine.”


She didn’t know how her words had pierced Du Rin. 


Child? Ridiculous! In order to gain the status of imperial princess, I had to seduce the leader of the left faction, a man who was already past 100 years old and surrounded by women!


After doing it multiple times, I accidentally got pregnant. In the end, I had to hide it from everyone and drink safflower abortion tea. I can still remember how painful it was then.


Du Rin’s heart was like the ravaging seas, but she maintained a smile on her visage. “This Princess is understanding; you don’t have to drink wine. Otherwise, if you can’t get pregnant, you’ll blame this Princess for it.”


“You don’t have to worry about that.” Su Xi-er indifferently replied as a ruthless look flashed past her eyes.

1. Music played by instruments that are made of bamboo and silk.

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