Pei Qianhao couldn't help but raise his right hand to caress Su Xi-er’s face gently.


"A-Jing, let's enter the palace." Su Xi-er grabbed his hand, signalling to him with her eyes.


Pei Qianhao rotated his wrist and accepted her gesture. "Xi-er, you dressed up for today, but so many men will get to see you." 


"My outfit for today is specially for you." Su Xi-er smilingly replied and purposely leaned against his chest.


Pei Qianhao took the opportunity to circle his arm around her waist and slowly say, "Very beautiful; this Prince likes it."


"Your love of beauty is something that you have constantly repeated ever since I met you." Su Xi-er deliberately brought up the past and observed his expression.


A soft chuckle escaped from his lips. "You were naughty back then, and I had to teach you a lesson somehow."


"A-Jing, the Western Region Imperial Princess, Du Rin, really resembles Tan Ge."


Pei Qianhao's hand tightened around her waist before relaxing. "You've seen her?"


"Mmm, I originally wanted to eat some snacks with Ruo Yuan at the teahouse, but we didn't expect to see her. A-Jing, she became the Western Region Imperial Princess…"


Pei Qianhao cut her off. "Xi-er, that identity is yours. The reason that Tan Ge could achieve any of this is because of what you’ve bestowed upon her. Now, she has used it to come back and take revenge on Xie Yun."


With how Xie Yun has harmed her, I can empathise with how Tan Ge is currently feeling. However, Zhen Yu is now involved with Xie Yun.


"Xi-er, you should let Xie Yun take care of his own matters. As for Tan Ge's identity, the Western Region King is not someone easy to deceive. After much investigation, this Prince has found out that Tan Ge had to pay a certain price in order to attain her current status. She holds the left wing in Western Region in line, and she is well-liked by the Grand Empress Dowager; however, the Western Region King has not acknowledged her."


Pei Qianhao paused and looked at Su Xi-er. "Xi-er, do you want to take back your identity?"


Xi-er pondered for a moment before replying, "The status of Princess Consort Hao is already extremely noble, so why would I care for the position of an imperial princess? However, Tan Ge's goal in coming to Beimin this time isn't simple. As long as she doesn't mess around, I won't expose her."


In other words, as soon as Tan Ge acts and implicates the innocent, I will definitely retaliate.


Pei Qianhao didn't reply, simply nodding in agreement. 


My Xi-er is so benign. She’ll ignore others if they don’t provoke her, but retaliation is sure to come if her enemies act.


Afterwards, the two walked towards the Dragon Heaven Palace. Upon reaching a bend, Consort Dowager Guo's palace maid invited her to the former's palace.


Consort Dowager Guo must be inviting me to her palace for the sake of her son, Situ Rong. She wants me to persuade A-Jing to ask His Majesty to issue an edict to bestow the Mu Family's Mu Qingyu to her son. 


After much investigation, Consort Dowager Guo had settled on Mu Qingyu. She was very fond of the latter, believing her to be someone who was gentle and virtuous, staying in her boudoir all the time.


Before she knew it, Su Xi-er had already stayed in Consort Dowager Guo's palace for the whole afternoon. Only when evening arrived did Wu Ling come to take her to the Imperial Garden.


Consort Dowager Guo naturally had to turn up for such an important event, but because of her dislike of crowds, she would only attend the national banquet, winter solstice banquet, and Spring Festival family banquet.


Wu Ling led Su Xi-er away and said, "The Western Region Imperial Princess has already arrived. This subordinate will guard outside the entrance to the Imperial Garden; you will have to go in alone."


"Wu Ling, you've only heard of the arrogance of the Western Region’s Imperial Princess, but you’ve never seen her yourself, right?"


Wu Ling nodded. "That's indeed the case."


Su Xi-er softly replied, "Mmm." 


No wonder his expression is so calm. He has met Tan Ge before, and if he had seen Du Rin, he would definitely be suspicious.

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