With Xie Yun’s inability to walk, he could only sit on a wooden wheelchair and have Xie Liuli push him into the Prince Hao Residence. With the immediate enmity between Pei Qianhao and Xi Yun resolved, the latter was allowed to enter the Prince Hao Residence without being blocked like he had in the past.


Hearing the news, Zhen Yu panicked. Why is he here again?


"Zhen Yu, try meeting with Xie Yun once. Some things are better said in person. Constantly forcing yourself isn't the way forward. As for the child in your stomach, it's your decision as to whether you want to keep it or get the physician to abort it." Su Xi-er patted her back.


Soon after, Xie Liuli's voice could be heard. "Zhen Yu."


Elder Brother's purpose in coming here today is to come to peace with himself by visiting Zhen Yu, but more than that, it is to ask for her forgiveness.


Su Xi-er comforted Zhen Yu before walking out of the room, pausing in front of Xie Yun before lowering her voice to speak. "I'll tell you two things: One, the Western Region Imperial Princess looks very much like Tan Ge. Two, Zhen Yu is pregnant."


She immediately left the side courtyard after she finished speaking, not even glancing at Xie Yun's expression.


She then headed to the main courtyard and saw Wu Ling entering. When the latter saw Su Xi-er, he quickly spoke up. "Princess Consort, Prince Hao ordered this subordinate to bring you to the palace to attend the night banquet."


Didn't we already decide that I wouldn’t be attending any of the palace banquets that are for entertaining the Western Region Imperial Princess?


"Princess Consort, Prince Hao instructed this subordinate that I must bring you there." Wu Ling understood that Su Xi-er didn't like crowds, so he stressed the word 'must'.


Su Xi-er nodded. "I'll go and change into my dress." 


She had only taken a few steps when she turned around to ask. "What's the Western Region Imperial Princess' disposition like in the palace?"


Wu Ling truthfully replied, "She has provoked Prince Hao multiple times, but Prince Hao has managed to fend her off so far. She's very arrogant."


Su Xi-er nodded and casually remarked, "Since that's the case, we should puncture her arrogance." She immediately knew what dress she should wear for tonight's palace banquet.


Watching Su Xi-er's departing figure, Wu Ling couldn't help but give a thumbs-up in his heart. 


With the Princess Consort making a move, she'll definitely puncture the Western Region Imperial Princess' arrogance! Let's see how she can continue being so haughty and daring on Beimin's territory. It seems like she'll meet an even more miserable fate than Dongling's Crown Prince Chu.


Wu Ling waited in the courtyard for an hour. 


Luckily, I'm a guard that has gone into the battlefield before. Standing for an hour is peanuts.


Once he heard the sound of a door closing, Wu Ling immediately raised his head; once he laid eyes upon Su Xi-er, however, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.


Princess Consort, this is totally going to puncture the Imperial Princess' arrogance!


Su Xi-er donned a crimson dress with colourful threads flowing across the hem, linking together an embroidery of shining flowers. An exquisite gold hairpin was dangling from her peach blossom bun, and despite never having worn pearls on her forehead before, Su Xi-er was now wearing a lustrous water-white pearl from the Southern Seas. Despite its small size, the colour of the pearl was extremely clean, emanating a sense of pureness. The red dress tightened around her waist accentuated Su Xi-er’s figure as well, accenting her witty yet noble disposition. 


The Western Region Imperial Princess is going to get trampled on before the Princess Consort!


“The palace.” A woman’s cold voice streamed into Wu Ling’s ears, jerking him out of his astonishment.


Soon, Su Xi-er boarded the horse carriage and headed for the imperial palace.




At the main palace gate, Pei Qianhao was clad in black outer robes studded with gold as he stood tall and proud. His black pupils stared ahead, the corners of his mouth rising when he saw the horse carriage from the Prince Hao Residence.


Once the carriage came to a halt, Pei Qianhao immediately went forward to pull open the curtains and help Su Xi-er alight.


It was only after she was standing in front of him did Pei Qianhao carefully observe Su Xi-er’s appearance and feel his heart skip a beat.

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