"Ruo Yuan, you don't have to trouble yourself so much over other people's matters. Let's return to the residence." Su Xi-er boarded the horse carriage with Ruo Yuan following behind.


Once they arrived back at the Prince Hao Residence, Su Xi-er instructed the guards to bring the ingredients that they had bought to the kitchen. Ruo Yuan would then bring the finished dishes to Zhen Yu's room.


Once she was done with her instructions, Su Xi-er walked towards the side courtyard. 


I haven't visited Zhen Yu for the past few days, nor have I told her about her pregnancy. Though if she finds would she react?


In the courtyard, Zhen Yu was standing under the sunlight, her eyes closed as she faced the sky. Upon hearing footsteps, she turned around and smiled as she greeted Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort.”


Su Xi-er quickly walked over to support her. "You may dispense with the formalities. Even if the sunlight is out, the wind still makes it chilly; let’s go inside first." She took Zhen Yu's hand and pulled her indoors.


"Princess Consort, I'll be returning to Peach Blossom Village in a few days." Zhen Yu slowly said with a placid expression.


Although I harbour some regrets regarding Brother Hu, I have also learned to let things go. The current me can no longer match up to Brother Hu.


"You're going back so soon? I’m afraid that I can’t allow that; you’ll be staying in the Prince Hao Residence for now." Su Xi-er flatly refused with a solemn expression.


Now that Tan Ge is back, she'll easily find out that the reason Xie Yun relinquished his power is Zhen Yu. What’s to stop her from using Zhen Yu to threaten him after that?


Furthermore, Zhen Yu is pregnant. Even if she may not like the child, there is a life growing inside her. It is ultimately fate that the child came to be. Aborting it would mean ending an unborn life.


"Princess Consort, my coming to the capital was a mistake. Peach Blossom Village is my hometown; the place is very warm, and the villagers are very nice." Zhen Yu spoke in an indifferent tone, not allowing one to discern her sorrow.


Su Xi-er looked towards her and suddenly asked, "If you go to Peach Blossom Village and find out that you're pregnant, would the villagers still treat you well?"


Pregnancy out of wedlock is considered a serious taboo in remote villages. You can choose to not marry for life, but you can't get pregnant before you get married; you'll be drowned by the spittle of the villagers.


A stunned look finally made its way onto Zhen Yu’s face, breaking through her stoic facade.


I’ve been constantly vomiting over the past few days; could it be that I am really pregnant? The physician who came to check on me only mentioned nourishing my body, he never said anything about pregnancy.


Am I really...pregnant with Commandery Prince Xie's child? How can that can that be?!


"Zhen Yu, don't be agitated. It was just a casual remark. Don't take it to heart." Su Xi-er immediately held her hand and tried to comfort her.


The anxiety slowly receded from Zhen Yu's eyes, her mouth opening after a long pause. "Why does Heaven have to treat me like this? Why must I be pregnant with his child? I don't want, I don't want…" She struggled free from Su Xi-er's hand and hit her abdomen.


Su Xi-er immediately stopped her. It was an ironic situation where the pregnant person was anxious, while the person who couldn't get pregnant was worried.


"Princess Consort, that wasn't a casual remark. I’ve been vomiting so much that even I began to suspect something, but I continued to believe in my own lies, allowing the silence of others to comfort me. What should I do? I don't want the child!" Zhen Yu buried her face in Su Xi-er's shoulder and loudly bawled.


"Zhen Yu, you are not planning to look for Brother Hu, and even if you do find him, you're not going to get together with him. If you're not planning to forgive Xie Yun, you can live together with your child in the Prince Hao Residence. That's not a bad option."


Su Xi-er didn't mention that they had already found Brother Hu. Telling Zhen Yu would be no different than stabbing her in an open wound.


Suddenly, Hong Li hastily ran over. "Princess Consort, the Commandery Princess has brought Commandery Prince Xie over."

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