"Is that so? I don't feel that closeness. Your Highness, you should quickly return to the Western Region once you’re satisfied with your stay in Beimin." Su Xi-er purposely paused, revealing a meaningful look in her eyes. "Since this is a place of suffering, distancing yourself would be best. Otherwise, if you slip up while trying to stir things up, I’m afraid that you may not even be able to return to the Western Region."


She suddenly stood up and looked at Du Rin. "Tan Ge, you must have paid a heavy price to deceive the Western Region’s court; don’t try to push your luck here. Otherwise, the price you pay this time will be even heavier."


The sound of the chair being pushed could be heard, followed by footsteps. Watching Su Xi-er's departing figure, Du Rin's knuckles turned white underneath her sleeves.


Su Xi-er, I’m not afraid of getting exposed. Do you even know how tragic the price I paid to obtain what I have now was?! The current me is no longer the same as I was in the past! You didn’t have to worry about anything with Prince Hao’s protection, but what about me? I could only…


Tan Ge shut her eyes, a torrent of emotions surging in her heart. 


Everyone in the Western Region says that the Imperial Princess is very lucky, receiving the Grand Empress Dowager’s affection and everything she could ever want. But behind all this appearance is the hefty price I have paid! Blood, pride, and body…


No one will protect me! I only have myself! Su Xi-er, what right do you have to say that?!


Du Rin opened her eyes and revealed a look of resentment. 


Since I did steal your position as the imperial princess, not making a move on you would be considered the largest benevolence from me. 


Suddenly, a guard came to report, “Imperial Princess, Beimin’s Third Imperial Prince is requesting an audience.”


Du Rin scrunched her brows. 


Why does Situ Li want to meet me? 


After some contemplation, she waved her hand to refuse, but was interrupted by a man’s voice.


“In order to meet Your Highness, this Prince had to disobey Prince Hao’s edict and secretly return to the capital.”


Du Rin dismissed the guard and stood up. “Third Imperial Prince, aren’t you afraid that Prince Hao will capture you and send you somewhere even further away?”


There were no ripples of emotions in Situ Li’s eyes as the corner of his mouth curled up. He walked over and lowered his head to get closer to her. “Your Highness, how can this Prince not be aware of your motive in coming to Beimin?” He raised his right hand, planning to hook it around her waist.


Du Rin dodged to the side. “These methods won’t work on this Princess.” 


She shifted her gaze to the streets. Su Xi-er is now walking towards Ruo Yuan.


“Your Highness, are you interested in Princess Consort Hao or Prince Hao? Oh, wait, maybe it’s Commandery Prince Xie.”


Meanwhile, Ruo Yuan was observing Su Xi-er’s expression as the latter returned, asking a moment later. “Why did the Imperial Princess suddenly ask you to meet her? Do you know her?”


Su Xi-er slowly replied. “Yes, but at the same time, no.”


“Ah? I’m confused. So do you or do you not know her?”


Looking at how Ruo Yuan was scratching her head, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but laugh. The latter pinched Ruo Yuan’s face and explained, “Her appearance resembles Tan Ge, but her heart no longer does.”


“Ah? Tan Ge? How is she the…” The words ‘Western Region Imperial Princess’ were stuck in Ruo Yuan’s throat as her eyes widened.


“The only similarity is the appearance; her soul is completely different. She is now Du Rin.” Su Xi-er softly replied.


She must have come to Beimin to exact revenge. However, Xie Yun has already let go of everything, only wishing to recover and obtain Zhen Yu’s forgiveness. Zhen Yu is also now pregnant; it’s not necessarily a bad thing if the two of them can let bygones be bygones and get together.


However, now that Tan Ge has returned with Du Rin’s identity, she will definitely not let Xie Yun off.


Ruo Yuan shook her head, still baffled. “Tan Ge is the Eldest Miss of the Tan Residence; how can she be the Imperial Princess? If she’s discovered to be tainting the imperial bloodline, death will definitely await her. What could be worth her doing such a thing?”

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