Creak. The door to the private room was pushed open, and the guard extended his hand, respectfully gesturing for Su Xi-er to enter. "Miss, please."


Su Xi-er nodded and walked in, closing the door behind her. The room was very large, and there were a few screens hiding the middle of it, only allowing Su Xi-er to catch a vague glimpse of the figure behind them.


A gentle woman's voice sounded. "Princess Consort Hao." Despite the added tinge of authority in it, Su Xi-er found the voice very similar.


Soon, the woman behind the screens stood up and slowly emerged, courteously smiling at Su Xi-er. 


Su Xi-er stared at her. Even if her aura has completely changed, her face is still Tan Ge's. Sizing her up, Su Xi-er finally parted her lips.. "Tan Ge, I didn't expect you to become the Western Region Imperial Princess. The aura around you is starkly different from your old days."


There was a baffled look in Du Rin's eyes. "Princess Consort Hao, what are you talking about? Tan Ge?"


Su Xi-er walked over to her. 'It's only been a few months, and you already don't recognise me?"


Su Xi-er was half a head taller than Tan Ge. Even if her tone was gentle, the harsh look in her eyes was sufficient to suppress Tan Ge’s attitude.


"Princess Consort Hao, perhaps this Princess bears a similar appearance to the Tan Ge you speak of, but I am simply inviting you for tea today." Du Rin moved to the side and gestured at a chair beside her.


Su Xi-er was silent for a moment, simply seating herself behind the screen before raising her head and parting her lips. "If you aren't Tan Ge, then you shouldn’t have seen me before. How then, did you identify me as Princess Consort Hao?"


Du Rin sat down and picked up the teapot, pouring a cup for herself. "I heard that Princess Consort Hao possesses a superb appearance, and that her eyes are full of vigour. Her disposition is also extraordinary; I also couldn’t help but notice the similarities between yourself and Prince Hao, whom I exchanged some words with in the Imperial Palace. They say that husband and wife are alike, and this applies perfectly to you."


"So, that's how you recognised me. Your Highness, you really have very perceptive eyes; I'm very impressed." Su Xi-er didn't expose her.


Since you want to act, I'll keep you company.


But what is her motive in returning to Beimin as the Western Region Imperial Princess? Having obtained a noble status, why did she choose to come to Beimin instead of quietly staying in the Western Region?


"Princess Consort Hao, how do you find the tea?"


Su Xi-er placed the cup down and looked at her. "This teahouse is quite famous in Beimin, and the tea is naturally good. Your Highness, you should drink more; otherwise, you won’t be able to once you return to the Western Region."


"That won't be a problem. This Princess plans to stay in Beimin a bit longer to check out the scenery and understand the culture here." Du Rin's gaze shifted to the street outside the window, finding it familiar, yet foreign as complicated emotions welled up in her heart.


"You haven't seen enough despite staying in Beimin for so many years?" Su Xi-er suddenly remarked, making sure to carefully observe Du Rin's expression.


Du Rin retracted her gaze and chuckled. "Indeed, after my Queen Mother fled from the court, she was killed not long after my birth. Having been left behind in such a way, Beimin contains more sorrow than happiness."


She paused and poured another cup of tea. "This Princess suddenly felt this inexplicable sense of closeness despite seeing you for the first time."

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