"Imperial Uncle, just let her go on her own; let's snuff out that arrogant manner of hers." Situ Lin’s ire had yet to subside, and he spoke in a huff when he replied.


"We naturally have to snuff out her arrogance, but it’s not yet time."


Situ Lin snorted before finally relenting. "Alright, this Emperor will instruct the guards."




The posthouse had been cleaned and prepared, and some of the Western Region's soldiers had already been brought there.


Outside the main gate of the imperial palace, Commander Zhao Wu looked at Du Rin. He calmed his emotions before he tried to speak up, "Your Highness, Prince Hao may be arrogant, but that's because he has the qualifications to do so. You can't just turn on your heels and leave in a moment of rage."


"This Princess will go to the posthouse by myself; you don't have to follow." Du Rin's voice was flat, and she immediately boarded the horse carriage to leave the palace.


Watching the departing horse carriage, Commander Zhao Wu couldn't help but furrow his brow.


It's too hard to serve this Imperial Princess. Because she is the apple of the Grand Empress Dowager’s eye, she was doted on every day. Not only that, everyone else likes her as well, saying that she doesn’t put on airs and is capable.


In the entire Imperial Palace, the King is the only one who doesn’t like her. Now she’s become spoiled, and lost all sense of manners since arriving in Beimin. Even with Beimin giving us ample face, she shouldn’t have brashly left in a fit of anger.


By the time the Imperial Army Commander, Yuchi Mo, had rushed over, the horse carriage had already disappeared into the distance.


Commander Zhao Wu amicably explained, “Prince Hao didn’t really give face to the Imperial Princess, so she is a little displeased.”


Yuchi Mo nodded in understanding. “I hope you can inform the Imperial Princess that this is what Prince Hao’s personality is like. Princess Consort Hao is the only person he treats gently. Apart from her, even His Majesty is subject to the same attitude.”


Although Commander Zhao Wu was aware that Pei Qianhao was married, the Grand Empress Dowager had still included Pei Qianhao as a possible husband candidate for Du Rin. They had even gone as far as intending to force Pei Qianhao’s main wife to give up her position to Du Rin.


The Imperial Princess can only be the main wife. Looking at how much Pei Qianhao dotes on his current wife, it seems like I have to find another candidate.


“Commander Yuchi, may I ask you something?”


Yuchi Mo answered, “Commander Zhao Wu, you may speak your mind.”


“I heard that Beimin’s Commandery Prince Xie has yet to marry. Not only that, he is also very capable and handsome; however, why haven’t I seen him at all today?”


Yuchi Mo immediately gleaned from his words that the Western Region was planning to select a capable man of a revered status to be Du Rin’s prince consort.


Considering the number of times Du Rin asked Pei Qianhao questions, could she have taken a fancy to him?


“Commander Zhao Wu, Commandery Prince Xie accidentally fell from a hill not long ago, and he is recuperating in his residence as he is unable to walk for the time being.”


His words caused Commander Zhao Wu’s expression to sink.


I didn’t expect him to be a cripple. Sigh, this failed again. There are only the three imperial princes left, but no matter how I look at it, Prince Hao is still the best.




Meanwhile, in the Prince Hao Residence, Su Xi-er had just left with Ruo Yuan to buy some nourishing meals for Zhen Yu.


After the two were done with their purchases, they passed them to the guards who had come along and went to a teahouse for some desserts.


However, the manager blocked them outside. “Miss, you can’t enter.”


Ruo Yuan was puzzled. “Your entrance is open; are you not planning to do business?”


The manager looked like he was placed in a difficult spot. “The Western Region Imperial Princess suddenly came here and reserved the whole teahouse for herself.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “Since that’s the case, we’ll go to another teahouse.”


I had already heard that the Western Region Imperial Princess had arrived. Rumours have it that she’s the child of the Queen Consort who escaped the court back then and gave birth in the Central Plains. After many years, the child has finally returned to the court.


But is this imperial princess really the Imperial Princess of the Western Region?


Just as the two were about to leave, a guard walked out from inside the teahouse. “Miss, the Imperial Princess invites you to go up.”


Ruo Yuan’s eyes widened. “What’s happening?”


Su Xi-er looked at the guard’s respectful attitude. Since I have been invited, I might as well go up and take a look. Who exactly is the Western Region Imperial Princess?


“Ruo Yuan, wait here for me. I’ll come back very soon.” Su Xi-er entered the teahouse and followed the guard to a spacious private room on the second floor.

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