"Nanzhao's Lingrui?" Commander Zhao Wu had never seen the flowers before, but had learnt from books that they could only survive in Nanzhao.


I didn't expect a man like Prince Hao to be successful in the transplantation.


Situ Lin nodded. "That's right, Commander Zhao Wu. You must have heard of this kind of flower before. Prince Hao used his acute observation skills to select a group of able people to thoroughly research this matter; only then was this miracle successful."


"Impressive, that's really admirable!" Commander Zhao Wu profusely complimented Pei Qianhao as his eyes darted towards the latter in approval.


Du Rin smiled. "The Western Region is vast, but the majority of the land is made up of deserts and mountains. That being the case, many of our citizens value plants more than their own lives. A capable person like Prince Hao would be a great boon to the Western Region."


All the court officials realised that Du Rin seemed to have been targeting Pei Qianhao since the start.


She requested Prince Hao to help her down the horse carriage when we were at the palace gate, and now she keeps staring at Prince Hao in admiration. Has the Western Region Imperial Princess come to select a husband? Doesn't she know that Prince Hao is already married? Not only that, he even dotes deeply on his Princess Consort.


Pei Qianhao gestured at Du Rin. "Your Highness, please take a seat."


Du Rin walked to the table located in the middle of the upper seats. Following that, the rest of the officials seated themselves according to their status.


Commander Zhao Wu was the first to stand up, pouring a cup of wine before holding it up. "Your Majesty, here's a toast to you!"


Situ Lin ordered the palace maid to pour him some wine, unaware that the bottle next to him contained only water. Having promised Su Xi-er that he wouldn’t drink wine, Pei Qianhao had instructed for water to be provided to Situ Lin as well.


Naturally unaware of this, Commander Zhao Wu couldn’t help but clap his hands after seeing Situ Lin drain his cup. "Although Your Majesty is young, your aura is not inferior in any way!"


"Many thanks." Situ Lin slightly nodded and sat back down.


Commander Zhao Wu then toasted to Pei Qianhao before shifting his gaze. "There aren't many descendants in the Western Region's court; there's only the King and the Imperial Princess. I heard that there are currently three imperial princes in Beimin. Are they not in the palace?"


The officials immediately looked towards Pei Qianhao. The Eldest Imperial Prince and the Third Imperial Prince have been sent to rural counties, while the Second Imperial Prince is still working in the Ministry of Justice. Having secretly snuck out to play the last time, the Second Imperial Prince was sentenced to literally live at the Ministry of Justice by Prince Hao.


Du Rin showed a perplexed expression. "This Princess also finds it strange that we don't see the other imperial princes. Could they have been chased out of the imperial palace?"


Pei Qianhao's expression remained the same. "All the imperial princes have their own roles to fulfill for the sake of His Majesty and Beimin. Since they’re stationed far away, it’s not convenient for them to return to the capital.”


"I see, so to put it simply, the imperial princes have been sent out of the palace and to a faraway place. Prince Hao, your methods are really not bad; this Princess is impressed." Du Rin smiled and stood up to toast Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao was unmoved while the guard standing behind him came forth to fill his cup.


Du Rin looked at the guard and asked, "All the other court officials have palace maids attending to them, but you only have one guard behind you, Prince Hao. Is this also the imperial palace's rule?"


"It's not the imperial palace's rule, but this Prince's."


Du Rin chuckled. "Prince Hao's rule is indeed different from the rest." She suddenly turned her head to survey the surroundings before looking at Pei Qianhao again. "What's the point of simply sitting and having your meal? Prince Hao, since you are Beimin’s bravest warrior, why don’t you show off your strong physique in front of everyone? This isn’t request isn’t too much, right?”

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