Du Rin looked towards Situ Lin and chuckled. "Your Majesty, you will understand if you read the annals of the Western Region's court."


Situ Lin was still a little perplexed. I know that there are history books for each country, but the fact that the Imperial Princess stayed in another country for a short while doesn't need to be included in their annals, right?


Noticing Situ Lin's baffled expression, Du Rin laughed. "Your Majesty, you are so adorable."


The word 'adorable' caused everyone's expression to turn stormy.


The Western Region’s Imperial Princess is so audacious to describe the emperor of a country as adorable. Even if His Majesty is still young, we can't condone such humiliation. 


Before anyone else could speak, a deep and imposing voice made itself known. "Our Emperor has always asked whenever he doesn't understand something. Since he has asked, why not have Your Highness enlighten us? Why did you stay in Beimin for a period of time? When did you come here, and when did you leave?"


Silence immediately suffocated the atmosphere. The taut rope between Beimin and the Western Region was practically visible, and a slight slip-up from either side would cause the delicate balance to break.


Just as Du Rin was about to open her mouth, Commander Zhao Wu immediately replied in her stead. "This matter involves the Queen Consort of our country. We hope everyone won't pursue this."


The words were clearly to alleviate the tension that had engulfed everyone’s minds. As an envoy chosen to accompany Du Rin, combat was naturally not his only talent; he was also skilled with strategy, as well as navigating social situations.


The anger of the Beimin's officials dissipated. Even though the Western Region Imperial Princess is audacious and arrogant, Commander Zhao Wu is still not bad.


Situ Lin carefreely laughed. "This Emperor naturally knows about the misfortune that befell the Queen Consort of the Western Region, as well as the effect it had on the Imperial Princess’ childhood. It's this Emperor's fault for asking. Your Highness, a banquet has already been prepared in the palace. Please enter." He moved to the side and reached out his hand in a very courteous manner.


It was now Commander Zhao Wu's turn to have his expression turn stormy. 


Saying that the Imperial Princess met with misfortune...the Emperor is really….ugh! 


He immediately turned to Du Rin, afraid that she would be displeased. However, when he saw her calm expression, he was relieved.


A moment later, everyone followed Situ Lin, Pei Qianhao, Du Rin and Commander Zhao Wu into the imperial palace while some Imperial Army guards led the horses to the stables.


The procession of people was quiet, maintaining an air of solemnity.


Situ Lin glanced at Pei Qianhao, winking at the latter when nobody else was paying attention in an attempt to earn his praise. 


Imperial Uncle, I just made the Western Region Imperial Princess speechless.


A trace of approval flickered across Pei Qianhao's eyes, but Situ Lin managed to catch it.


Situ Lin became even more delighted, making sure to put the air of an emperor on full display As a result, the court officials following behind him couldn’t help but glance at Pei Qianhao.


His Majesty's aura is actually a little similar to Prince Hao's. If His Majesty can become just as strong and able, Beimin’s future is bright.


Since the banquet was set up in the Imperial Garden, the entourage passed by the courtyard and meandered around a few palace paths.


Upon arriving, the officials were greeted by tables filled with delicacies; maids and eunuchs stood respectfully to the side as the guests filed in.


When Commander Zhao Wu took in the sight, he couldn't help but be touched. "After coming all the way and admiring many beautiful sceneries, I didn't expect to see lush greenery and blooming flowers in the Imperial Garden despite it being winter. Beimin's horticulture is really amazing!"


Situ Lin spoke, "That's a given. Prince Hao even successfully transplanted Nanzhao's Lingrui flowers. If you come during Spring next year, you'll be able to look out over a sea of them."

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