Du Rin let the carriage curtains fall as she sat inside it with narrowed eyes. 


I am no longer the same as I was before. The weakness that took hold of me has been ground away, and in its place is a butterfly that has just emerged from its chrysalis and a phoenix that has been reborn from its ashes.


A cold glint flickered in her eyes, along with a trace of charm.


Her appearance was now tinged with a wild character, and apart from her facial features, her aura had completely changed.


The horse carriage rode into the capital where the commoners had long since formed an orderly line at both sides of the road leading to the imperial palace. In front of the gate stood a large group of Imperial Army guards with halberds in hand, solemnly preventing any ruckus from being stirred up.


Excitedly pointing at the carriage, the civilians started to chat. "The circle of peacock feathers on the roof of the carriage is already so pretty! The imperial princess sitting inside must be even more beautiful!"


"As the only imperial process of the Western Region, she can have everything go her way. I really hope she can pull open the curtains to let us have a glimpse!"


A burly man immediately replied, "Forget it; she's a peerless beauty of noble blood. Even if the Western Region’s people possess a wild personality, they wouldn't let us commoners see their imperial princess' appearance!"


Suddenly, someone loudly shouted, "Quickly, look! The wind has blown the carriage curtains open! I saw the imperial princess' face; it has an oval shape, and her skin isn’t as fair as that of Beimin’s women! She’s even wearing a pair of unique silver earrings!"


Everyone immediately shifted their gazes to the carriage curtain, but they only saw a slender silhouette. Before they could properly take in the appearance of the woman within, the curtains fell back into place, and a wave of excitement swept over the commoners.


Upon noticing that the crowd was starting to become rowdy, the Imperial Army Guards swung their halberds and quickly calmed everyone down. However, the lively atmosphere that had been stirred up didn’t cease until the horse carriage was out of sight.


The Imperial Princess of the Western Region was now the new hot topic among the people in Beimin's capital.


In front of the golden gates of the imperial palace, the soldiers lined the sides of the road as the court officials stood respectfully behind one particular figure.


Dressed in his golden Dragon Robes, Situ Lin stood right in front of the group with a solemn expression. To his left was Pei Qianhao, who was clad in black robes. His finely chiselled face exuded a magnificent aura, and his dark eyes were like an eagle’s. 


Standing to Situ Lin's right was Commander Zhao Wu. After slightly observing Pei Qianhao, he had found the latter to have an exceptional aura.


The Grand Empress Dowager had ordered me to follow the Imperial Princess here not just to check out Beimin, but also to pick a suitable husband for her. She mentioned three people in particular: Prince Hao, Commandery Prince Xie, and Situ Li.


However, he had only found Pei Qianhao after looking around. As such, he felt that Pei Qianhao was currently the best of the three.


The other two didn't even come to welcome the Imperial Princess.


As the sight of the horse carriage gradually closed in, the crowd became silent.


Receiving a meaningful look from Pei Qianhao, Yuchi Mo leapt onto his horse and went to welcome the princess. 


Meanwhile, Commander Zhao Wu had taken note of Yuchi Mo. He has a rather good figure, and seems fit; it's just that his status is too low.


Yuchi Mo stopped in front of the carriage and dismounted. He then went down on one knee and deferentially greeted, "Beimin's Imperial Army Commander Yuchi Mo respectfully welcomes the Imperial Princess of the Western Region."


A moment later, a gentle yet authoritative voice of a woman streamed into his ears. "Commander Yuchi, please rise."


"Many thanks, Imperial Princess." Yuchi Mo swiftly got up and leapt onto his horse, escorting the carriage towards the palace gate.

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