“Marriage alliance? Is the King of the Western Region coming?” Situ Li’s countenance finally showed some signs of interest. 


Tan Ge is really not simple. She was so weak in the past, but she’s actually managed to deceive the Imperial Family of the Western Region and become the imperial princess.


“Due to the many court matters in the Western Region, the King won’t be coming. In fact, this subordinate has found out that the King has never liked Du Rin, despite her status as the imperial princess. If not for the Grand Empress Dowager protecting her, I’m afraid that Du Rin wouldn’t have an easy life.”


Situ Li nodded, then waved his hand. “Quickly return to the capital and take care of business.”


The guard acknowledged the order and walked out of the room.


Inside the room, Situ Li’s gaze shifted to the orchid flower on the table beside the window. He walked towards it, slowly running his fingers down its stem before crushing it in his steel grip.


The King of the Western Region is clever and mistrustful. Tan Ge must be relying on the Grand Empress Dowager’s protection to prevent the King from doing anything to her.


Everyone knows that although the King of the Western Region is cruel and callous, he always prioritises filial piety. The question is, who exactly does Du Rin plan to deal with when she comes to Beimin? 


Xie Yun? Pei Qianhao?


Interesting...the waves are getting more turbulent.


However, I am very curious. What did Tan Ge use to convince the Grand Empress Dowager that she is the imperial princess? Back then, the Queen Consort died in the Central Plains. 


Everything is like a puzzle, but I’m curious to see what the formerly weak woman has become.


A few days later, the news of the Western Region’s only imperial princess coming to Beimin spread through the capital. The commoners chatted about it over their meals, and speculation ran wild.


All of a sudden, Du Rin was known as a quick-witted and wild woman. Quick-witted because the Queen Consort stayed in the Central Plains for a period of time after fleeing the court, and wild because it was thought as the inherent nature of the people in the Western Region.


At the same time, a Western Region-style horse carriage was on its way to Beimin’s capital. A woman dressed in bright pink clothes with a peacock dangling hair ornament pulled the curtains open. Her intelligent eyes looked at the green mountains in the distance, as well as the woods nearby.


Everything seems familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. After experiencing various tribulations of life and death, I have finally returned to Beimin.


In the Western Region, I tried all sorts of methods to make the Empress Dowager acknowledge my identity, even going as far as to try to make up a blood relation. And even though Du Ling never believed me, he still went along with it in front of the Grand Empress Dowager.


I still remember how I almost died in Du Ling’s demonic clutches. In the end, I managed to save myself, attain the position of imperial princess, and even took away a part of the military power.


The Western Region is very different from other countries as both the main eldest son and daughter can hold military power. 


At this moment, I am no longer the past Tan Ge, but the glorious Du Rin. 


I won’t be afraid even if Du Ling discovers Su Xi-er, and that’s because not only do I practise martial arts, I also possess horse riding skills now. Most importantly, I hold military power! The soldiers in the Western Region only recognise the military tally, and not the master.


Xie Yun, Pei Qianhao, I want all of you to die! As for Su Xi-er, I won’t make a move on her; after all, I did steal her identity.


“Imperial Princess, Beimin’s capital is ahead of us. Commander Zhao Wu has rushed to Beimin’s imperial palace to inform them of our arrival. Soon, Beimin’s emperor and ministers will line up to welcome you.”  

Du Rin nodded, a smile flashing in her eyes. “Is that so?”


“Of course they have to warmly welcome you! Under the King’s leadership, the Western Region has been booming, and we have subdued many small countries. If the King has the ambition, taking down the four nations in the Central Plains wouldn’t be a problem!” The personality of people from the Western Region was wild and arrogant.


For them, they feared nothing, as long as they dared to conquer!


“That makes sense. Considering how prosperous our Western Region is, Beimin definitely has to place some importance on us.” Du Rin’s expression was already accustomed to having a wild flavour to it.

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