A moment later, Pei Yaran was carried away by the guards, and the backyard returned to normal as 


Ruo Yuan was perplexed as she looked at the bags of medicine. “Are you sick? There’s so much medicine.”


“I’m not sick; it’s just to nourish the body. It’s normal to give birth after marriage, and I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you and Hong Li for this period of time.”


Seeing the faint smile on Su Xi-er’s visage, Ruo Yuan grinned in return. “Don’t worry, Hong Li and I will definitely simmer the medicine well. If you and Prince Hao have a boy, he’ll definitely be exceptionally handsome and steal the hearts of all women; if it’s a girl, she’ll be the dream of men in the capital— no, the whole world.” Ruo Yuan’s eyes involuntarily lit up towards the end.


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but reply when she saw the spark in Ruo Yuan’s eyes. “Your child in the future will also be very beautiful.”


Ruo Yuan blushed. “Don’t tease me anymore. I just want to stay by your side and take care of you and your child for this lifetime. How wonderful would that be!”


Su Xi-er caressed Ruo Yuan’s head. “Silly Ruo Yuan, I can’t bear to have you serve me for an entire life.” 


Since a long time ago, she had already felt that Ruo Yuan resembled Lü Liu, not in terms of appearance but their eyes. She possesses a pair of pure eyes that can speak. Although she doesn’t say much, she’s very meticulous inside.


Lü Liu died because of me when she was in the prime of her youth. I’ve always felt guilty about the hardships she faced following me. I had said that I would find her a compatible partner once things in Nanzhao had stabilised, yet she wasn’t married even after her death.


This guilt won’t allow me to have Ruo Yuan alone for her whole life; she should also have a family.


“Princess Consort, let’s not talk about this anymore. I’ll go and chop the firewood.” Ruo Yuan rolled up her sleeves and walked away, ignoring Su Xi-er’s attempts at stopping her.


Su Xi-er watched Ruo Yuan as she departed. There are so many men in the residence that there should be no need for her to do a task like chopping firewood, yet she’s done it for so many years that it’s already become a habit.


Suddenly, a series of hasty footsteps came from outside the courtyard. Su Xi-er turned around and saw Wu Ling hurrying over, causing her heart to sink.


Did something bad happen?


“Princess Consort, this subordinate will take you to the palace right away. Prince Hao has been injured.”


Su Xi-er’s brows knitted as she followed Wu Ling outside, her voice filled with anxiety. “He should be fine just attending the court assembly; how did he get injured?”


“One of Commandery Prince Xie’s subordinates in court was dissatisfied with Prince Hao’s explanation regarding the transfer of power, and he confronted Prince Hao right there and then. However, no one expected him to bring out a hidden dagger from his sleeve and stab...”


“Where did he stab?” Su Xi-er felt as if her heart was being squeezed by an invisible hand.


“Prince Hao dodged in the nick of time, so the dagger deviated from his heart by three fingers. The perpetrator was apprehended on the spot, and is currently detained in the prison at the Ministry of Justice.


Su Xi-er didn’t believe his words. If A-Jing had dodged in time, he definitely wouldn’t have gotten hurt. After all, the culprit is a minister, and it even happened in the Golden Throne Hall! All of this points to the fact that A-Jing had gotten injured on purpose!


Su Xi-er clenched her fists even tighter as she quickened her pace, soon boarding the horse carriage.


Wu Ling leapt onto the drivers seat and cracked the horsewhip, sending the carriage speeding along the path with a trail of dust in its wake.


15 minutes later, Su Xi-er arrived at the Dragon Heaven Palace. This time, no one obstructed her. The commander of the Imperial Army, Yuchi Mo, deferentially paid his respects to her.


Su Xi-er slightly nodded, but kept silent with a solemn expression as she swiftly entered the inner room of the side hall.

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