Pei Qianhao’s expression returned to normal. “Supervise them stringently. You can just punish them slightly. This prince will handle this matter.” He then turned around and left the courtyard, leaving behind a bunch of dumbfounded imperial guards staring blankly at each other.


As Yuchi Mo gazed at Pei Qianhao’s departing figure, he felt increasingly perplexed by Prince Hao.




While the imperial guards in the courtyard were in extreme astonishment, the Imperial Physician Institute, on the other hand, was sunk in puzzlement.


Imperial Physician Zhao inspected the culms on the table meticulously, then looked at Hong Li and Su Xi-er who were standing to the side.


His gaze landed on Su Xi-er. “After getting into contact with this grass, no red spots appeared and your body, nor did you feel itchy?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Yes.”


Imperial Physician Zhao pointed at her. “Your lie is going to be exposed very soon. Come forward and touch this culm right in front of me.”


For a split second, a trace of fear emerged in Hong Li’s eyes as she looked at Su Xi-er with worry.


Su Xi-er was absolutely fearless and took a step forward. Even if red spots appear, that would have to take a few hours. The skin quality of this body isn’t quite the same as others.


Imperial Physician Zhao’s face darkened as he watched Su Xi-er walk forward.


She touched the culm lightly, before finally using her strength to break and toss it on the table.


Suddenly, Imperial Physician Zhao’s pupils constricted. He raised his right hand and pointed at Su Xi-er. “You…”


“If I was lying, I wouldn’t have dared to do this. Imperial Physician Zhao, you can lock me up and check later on to see if red spots appear on my hands.”


Imperial Physician Zhao still hadn’t recovered from his shock. This palace maid is simply too audacious!


Standing at one side, Hong Li was terribly frightened. That’s an imperial physician from the palace!


Imperial Physician Zhao flung his sleeves fiercely. “Alright, I will listen to you and lock you up. I’ll lock you up for a few hours and directly expose your lies!”


Viciousness appeared in his eyes as he stared at Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er didn’t think much of it and let him be.


Right at this moment, a deep and low voice could be heard. “She can indeed be imprisoned. Is it okay for this prince to guard her?”


The figure of a tall man emerged, the formidable aura emanating from his whole body instantly pervading the whole room.


Imperial Physician Zhao immediately bowed and paid his greetings, “Paying respects to Prince Hao.”


“Lock this audacious palace maid up, and this prince will help you watch her. At that time, we will know with one glance if she had lied.”


Imperial Physician Zhao hesitated. How can I let Prince Hao guard her?


“It’s just that this prince is curious. There’s a place to imprison people in the Imperial Physician Institute?” Pei Qianhao’s voice was calm but frightened Imperial Physician Zhao.


“There is no imprisonment facility in the Imperial Physician Institute. This lowly official was just scaring that palace maid.”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze swept over Su Xi-er, then landed on Imperial Physician Zhao. “That’s not good. This prince wants to see you lock her up today.”


“Prince Hao, this lowly official firmly believes that she is lying. Although there is no place of imprisonment, she can be locked up in the Imperial Physician Institute’s Medicinal Decoction House. Red spots will surely appear on her hands four hours later.”


“Lock her up in the Medicinal Decoction House then. This prince will watch over her on your behalf,” Prince Hao ordered slowly.


Imperial Physician Zhao wiped his sweat. Prince Hao is really going to keep watch? I heard that the Empress Dowager is heading to the Beauty Palace, and plans to send all the beauties there to the Laundry Service Bureau. Prince Hao doesn’t care about that matter, but has instead come here over the issue of locking a palace maid up.


Even if there were many questions in his mind, he didn’t dare to ask. He could only listen to his instructions and lock Su Xi-er in the Medicinal Decoction House.


All the suspicions were on Su Xi-er so Hong Li was no longer needed and was immediately sent back to the Palace Side Quarters.


In the Medicinal Decoction House, Pei Qianhao remained unruffled as he gazed at Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er stood in the room quietly and didn’t care about how his gaze was...killing her with a thousand cuts.


After a long time, Pei Qianhao called out to her, “Come here. Sit beside this prince.”


“It’s better for this servant to stand.”


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “Only if you sit close to this prince would I be able to see the red spots on your arms immediately.”

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