Su Xi-er’s heart was filled with warmth. “Thank you. Hong Li, take Imperial Physician Zhao to the bookkeeping office to collect an ingot of gold.”


“No no, treating you is what this humble subject should do; there’s no need for rewards.” Imperial Physician Zhao vigorously shook his hand and hastily refused. How can I accept money?!


“You have spared no effort in treating me, so you should just keep this little bit. There are no other intentions; it’s just that I have no idea what you are lacking, so I can only give you this. Hong Li, take Imperial Physician Zhao to the bookkeeping office.” Su Xi-er smiled as she waved her hand.


Hong Li nodded. “Alright!” She placed the bag of medicine on the table and gestured at Imperial Physician Zhao. “Please come with this servant.”


Imperial Physician Zhao bowed to Su Xi-er. “This humble subject thanks the Princess Consort.” He then took his medical box and followed Hong Li.


Left alone in the main hall, Su Xi-er’s gaze shifted to the pack of medicine on the table. 


I can slowly nourish my body. Since the heavens have decided to let me live, they wouldn’t treat me badly anymore. I have suffered nothing but hardships in my previous life, so I can only hope that I can be blissful in this one.


Suddenly, Ruo Yuan frantically came in. “Princess Consort, not only is Niu Niu foolish, she has probably also gone mad. She almost burned the woodshed. If we hand over a granddaughter like this to the old uncle, he wouldn’t be able to take care of her, right?”


Su Xi-er pondered for a moment before standing up. “I’ll go and take a look; you put away this medicine properly.”


Ruo Yuan nodded and quickly packed all the bags of medicine before following Su Xi-er to the backyard.


The backyard was already in a state of chaos. Left with no choice, a guard went forward to restrain Niu Niu and press her to the ground. Niu Niu kept wriggling her body and struggled as she loudly hollered.


When the guard saw Su Xi-er, he immediately consulted her. “Princess Consort, should we knock her out?”


Su Xi-er walked over and stopped a few steps before Pei Yaran before softly saying, “She’s really gone mad. Wait for her grandfather to return to get her; give him some silvers and explain that we’ll have someone else send firewood to the residence from now on.”


Pei Yaran’s chest tightened. If they decide to have someone else bring firewood, how am I going to sneak into the residence?


She immediately pretended to be baffled. “Grandfather? What grandfather?”


Ruo Yuan moved closer to Su Xi-er and explained. “She doesn’t remember anything. I’m afraid she’ll only be a burden if we let the old uncle take care of her.”


Coincidentally, another guard brought the old uncle to the backyard.


Su Xi-er turned around to look at the old uncle, who had a visibly shocked expression after noticing Niu Niu.


How did she become like this?


“Princess Consort, what’s wrong with this peasant’s granddaughter?”


Su Xi-er indifferently replied, “Her foolishness has acted up again. Take her back home; I’ll give you enough silvers to last your family for an entire lifetime. Look after her well; I’ll also provide you with the money for her medical fees.”


“This peasant thanks the Princess Consort.” The old uncle profusely thanked Su Xi-er before walking to Pei Yaran. “Niu Niu, I’ll bring you back home.”


Pei Yaran was still pressed to the ground, and a ferocious look lit in her eyes as she stared at the old uncle. “Who are you? I don’t know you.”


The old uncle was shocked. “Niu Niu, you don’t recognise Grandpa anymore?”


Pei Yaran fully understood that she couldn’t leave with the old uncle. I must stay in the Prince Hao Residence.


Ruo Yuan couldn’t help but speak when she saw Pei Yaran in such a state. “Princess Consort, she doesn’t seem willing to leave. This servant thinks that Niu Niu isn’t foolish, but crazy. From the looks of it, she needs a physician to attend to her right away.”


“Crazy?” Su Xi-er quibbed. She crouched down and took a golden hairpin out from her hair before hitting Pei Yaran’s sleeping acupoint.


Pei Yaran instantly closed her eyes and passed out.


“She won’t be crazy this way. Guards, escort the old uncle and Niu Niu out of the residence.” Su Xi-er ordered in a cold and authoritative manner.


Regardless of whether she’s mad or foolish, Pei Yaran will be called Niu Niu from now on, and she won’t have any relation to the court or the Pei Residence.

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