Although Pei Qianhao had made some shameless comments to Su Xi-er, he simply took off his outer robes and embraced Su Xi-er after they had washed up and gone to bed. He was now especially cautious, paying close attention to her so that he didn’t miss anything that could reveal her thoughts.


Whenever he thought about such things, Pei Qianhao would sigh. Since when did this Prince become so garrulous? However, his expression immediately returned to normal as he pondered why Su Xi-er had slightly furrowed her brows just now. Without speaking he simply watched her fall asleep before tucking her under the quilt and falling asleep himself.


The next day, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er had their breakfast together before he went to the palace for the court assembly. There, he would inform the ministers of the details concerning how Xie Yun’s power would be distributed.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er sat in the main hall as she waited for Imperial Physician Zhao.


“Princess Consort, this servant has made you some snow fungus lotus seed soup; it’s very good for nourishing for the body.” Hong Li carried a small white bowl as she walked to Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er took the bowl and found the temperature of the soup to be just right, so she tasted a small spoonful. “It’s neither too sweet nor too bland; your culinary skills have improved.”


“I learned this from the chef. Ruo Yuan is also getting better with red bean soup. We plan to learn how to prepare all kinds of soup so that we can help with nourishing your body in all kinds of ways.” Hong Li delightedly said. She was even happier when she saw that Su Xi-er liked what she had prepared.


It was at this moment that Imperial Physician Zhao entered the main hall and saw her drinking the soup. He deferentially said, “Princess Consort, not only can snow fungus lotus seed soup nourish the body, it can also warm the body by expelling  the coldness. You should drink at least one small bowl every two days; you may also try things like red bean porridgefish souplongan red date soup, and brown sugar ginger tea[1]. With the support from the medicinal soup and your meals, your body will continue to improve.”


Hong Li was shocked. Is the Princess Consort’s body not well? Imperial Physician Zhao’s advice was all about warming her body.


“Many thanks, Imperial Physician Zhao. I feel relieved with you around.”Su Xi-er smiled and placed down the bowl.


“Here’s the medicine; you should drink one bowl every day for half a month. After that, this humble subject will help you take your pulse again and change the prescription. Princess Consort, you must remain calm and not constantly worry yourself. Anything is possible as long as we put in the effort.” Imperial Physician Zhao bowed and opened his medical box, taking out many bags of medicine before passing them to Hong Li.


Hong Li immediately asked, “Is there any particular method the medicine should be simmered? How long should it be brewed for? When should she drink it?”


“She can drink it an hour after breakfast, but this medicine has to be simmered for around three hours. Since the Princess Consort wakes up at 8 am every day, you have to start brewing the medicine at around 5 am.”


Hong Li repeatedly nodded. “I’ve taken note, and will simmer the medicine starting at 5am every morning.”


5 am… the maidservants in the residence usually sleep around 8-10 pm when they’re not as busy, and 10-12 am if they are. If Hong Li has to wake up at 5 am, that would mean that she can only sleep for about five to six hours.


At that thought, Su Xi-er looked towards Hong Li. “Hong Li, it’ll be hard on you for this period of time; thank you.”


“It’s fine! Ruo Yuan and I can alternate whenever one of us is tired. Princess Consort, please rest assured, your body will definitely get better!” Hong Li joyfully comforted.


Imperial Physician Zhao added. “Princess Consort, look, Prince Hao dotes on you, your maidservants are concerned about you, and the guards revere you. This humble subject will collaborate with the other imperial physicians to treat you, so you can rest assured, your cold constitution will be no concern.”

1. Fun fact: Females in modern China often recommend brown sugar ginger tea when one is experiencing menstrual cramps.

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