Su Xi-er glanced at him, but was still unwilling to put out her hand, prompting Pei Qianhao to walk over to the bed. "Xi-er, only listening to one physician's diagnosis may not be accurate. Let Imperial Physician Zhao take a look; perhaps it's better than we thought." He took her hand and pulled it out from beneath the blanket.


However, he could feel her hand trembling. "Xi-er, don't be scared."


She's not currently a woman with a tough front, but simply one worried about not being able to get pregnant.


Imperial Physician Zhao reached out his hand and placed it at her wrist, retracting it a moment later. "Although the Princess Consort's body constitution is cold, it isn't very severe. With some nourishment and strict diet, she can expect to become pregnant eventually."


Su Xi-er's eyes lit up at his words. "Are you telling the truth?"


"Every single word this humble subject has uttered is the truth. Princess Consort, you also have to be sure to maintain a positive mindset. Fate will decide when you have a child, and they will come when it is time. You should worry about nourishing your body for at least three months; this matter can’t be rushed." Imperial Physician Zhao deferentially replied.


Su Xi-er grabbed Pei Qianhao. "A-Jing, did you hear that? He said that my body's cold constitution isn't severe. There was a problem with the previous physician's diagnosis."


"It's this Prince's fault; I shouldn't have summoned a physician from the common folk." He turned his gaze to Imperial Physician Zhao. "This Prince will personally accompany you out of the residence."


He gently patted Su Xi-er's shoulder before walking out of the room.


Outside the main courtyard, Imperial Physician Zhao had a complicated expression. "Prince Hao, that old civilian physician you invited has sublime skills in the field of pregnancy. The Princess Consort's cold constitution is severe, and even though she believes this humble subject for now, I can only prevent her from worrying for this period of time. Once this drags on for too long, I'm afraid that…" Imperial Physician Zhao sighed.


Pei Qianhao stood ramrod straight, and his eyes deepened. "It's still better than having her worry every day. Imperial Physician Zhao, this Prince is counting on you to cooperate with me to nourish the Princess Consort's body."


"This humble subject will definitely try my best."


"Let's go; this Prince will send you out of the residence." Pei Qianhao gestured for Imperial Physician Zhao to go before himself.


Imperial Physician Zhao's heart wildly leapt. 


Prince Hao is actually letting me walk in front of him! He's really pouring his heart and soul for the sake of the Princess Consort.




Su Xi-er had believed in Imperial Physician Zhao’s words, and her hands that had been clutching the quilt had relaxed. However, her joy-filled eyes dimmed slightly upon thinking about what she had just been told. She was beginning to doubt Imperial Physician Zhao's words.


Could he be lying to me?


Her face grew solemn.


But her expression soon returned to normal. Imperial Physician Zhao's medical skills are pretty good; I will be able to find out after nourishing my body for a period of time.


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but caress her stomach, only pulling herself out of her thoughts when Pei Qianhao came in.


“A-Jing,” she softly called.


“Xi-er, are you relieved now?” Pei Qianhao sat on the edge of the bed and grasped her hand.


Su Xi-er nodded. “I’m naturally relieved with Imperial Physician Zhao around. I’ll have Hong Li brew the medicine when it arrives tomorrow so that I can nourish my body properly as per Imperial Physician Zhao’s instructions.”


“Xi-er, I had inquired about some more details while accompanying Imperial Physician Zhao out; your cold constitution isn’t severe, so you don’t have to worry.”


“A-Jing, where’s the water for cleaning up? It’s not early anymore; it’s time we rest.”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze deepened when he heard the word ‘rest’, deliberately asking, “Xi-er, what kind of rest do you want? A comfortable rest, or an enjoyable rest?” He bent forward and kissed her ear.


“A-Jing, bedroom affairs can’t be too frequent; be careful of…” The words got stuck in her throat, but she knew that he understood.


“What to do then? When I see you, I’ll think of…” He lowered his voice and whispered the last two words in her ear. 


Under Su Xi-er’s playful glare, he stood up and walked out of the room to get the water.


He actually said that he wants to take me whenever he sees me; he’s too direct. Despite being cold in front of others, his behaviour with me can only be described as… wildly shameless.

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