Pei Yaran was stunned for a moment before she responded with a snort. "I didn't expect you to like Su Xi-er too; or should I say love? To think that you can't bear to kill her. What on earth is so good about that woman that is enough to make you go to such lengths?”


"That's a lot of jealousy I sense. I simply can't bear to kill her because I want to let her live. It's the same as how I can't bear to kill you; otherwise, I wouldn't have come to save you." Shi Mo's voice was low and hoarse. He then turned and walked to the door. "Clean things up by yourself; don't let anyone find out." 


By the time he had finished speaking, he had already vanished from the room.


Watching the tightly shut door in a daze, Pei Yaran began to recall what had happened tonight.


Sounding me out, poisoning me, and almost making me become a real fool… After that, Shi Mo came to save me… or should I say, to make use of me?


He said that he could not bear to kill Su Xi-er, just like how he can't bear to kill me. After going through so many things, I have finally come to an understanding. I'm just a chess piece in Shi Mo's eyes, and Su Xi-er is no different.


Of course he can’t bear to kill a valuable pawn. 


After further contemplation, a vicious look flickered in Pei Yaran’s eyes as she realised that Shi Mo’s true target was Pei Qianhao. Making Pei Qianhao’s life worse than death doesn't sound like a bad idea!


Pei Yaran got down from bed and went to the kitchen to retrieve a broom and dustpan, sweeping everything away, returning everything once she was done.


Just as she was about to leave her room, she heard Ruo Yuan’s voice. “Niu Niu, why are you running out in the middle of the night?”


The corners of Pei Yaran's mouth curled into a sinister smile. 


From now on, I am going to act like a real fool.


Foolishly laughing, Pei Yaran stood up and pretended to play with her own hair, having decided to make her performance even more believable than before.


Seeing her deranged manner, Ruo Yuan couldn't help but shake her head and go to stop her. "Your grandfather will be bringing you back tomorrow. Come with me; properly stay in your room."


"Grandfather? Who are you? Where am I? Let go of me! Boo hoo…" Pei Yaran kept struggling as tears poured down her face.


Looks like she's really foolish now. I shall report this to the Princess Consort tomorrow.


"Let go of me! You!" Pei Yaran continued to yell, but Ruo Yuan simply dragged her back to her room.


Ruo Yuan sniffed the air. "Why is there a sour smell? Did you vomit?"


Pei Yaran's eyes widened before she purposely giggled. "I just went to drink cold water and vomited in the room. It smells nice right?"


"You're not allowed to do this! Be obedient and sleep!" Ruo Yuan chided.


The medicine is too effective; she has become this foolish.


After giving her a lecture, Ruo Yuan walked out of the room, planning to report her findings to Su Xi-er first thing tomorrow morning.




Meanwhile, Imperial Physician Zhao had arrived at the Prince Hao Residence after receiving Prince Hao’s summons. He was in the process of taking Su Xi-er’s pulse in the main room.


Having heard Pei Qianhao say that he was preparing to wash up, Su Xi-er hadn’t expected Imperial Physician Zhao to show up.


However, she suddenly didn't want Imperial Physician Zhao to diagnose her. "You should go back; my body is very well."


Imperial Physician Zhao immediately bowed. "Princess Consort, some of the physicians from the common folk are tooting their own horns, so you don't have to take it to heart. Why don't you let this humble subject help you feel your pulse and check what the situation is?"


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