"Alright, I'll take...Niu Niu to the backyard to rest first then." Ruo Yuan decided to call Pei Yaran 'Niu Niu'. 


From now on, she will truly be Niu Niu.


With Ruo Yuan's strength, she was able to carry Niu Niu on her back as she headed for the backyard.


Pei Qianhao embraced Su Xi-er. "Xi-er.".


"Mmm, I'm here." Su Xi-er grabbed his hand and pressed her back tightly against his chest, feeling the warmth that exuded from him.


"I know that you are still concerned about having a child." Pei Qianhao spoke slowly, his arms tightening around her.


Su Xi-er didn't speak, simply staring at the floor.


"Don't worry, we will have a child. Who do you think this Prince is? Don't you know how powerful I am?" Pei Qianhao chuckled and smoothened out her hair.


Su Xi-er turned around to look at him. "There's nothing wrong with your body, but I have a yin[1] cold constitution."


"My body is warm while yours is cold; I'll warm you up." Pei Qianhao put his hand on her head and pulled her towards his chest, letting her hear the strong beating of his heart.


"A-Jing, I will try all sorts of ways to nourish my body. It may succeed quickly, but it may just as easily take a long time." Hearing the steady pulse of his heart, Su Xi-er slowly spoke as she closed her eyes.


Pei Qianhao gently patted her back, his voice also becoming tender. "Xi-er, don't be scared."


Soon after, he picked her up and carried her into the main room of the main courtyard, placing her down on the soft bed.


"A-Jing, where are you going?" Su Xi-er asked.


"I'm going to get some water for you to freshen up. Be obedient; I'll be back soon." Pei Qianhao smiled as he gently patted her hand, only leaving after he saw her nodding at him.


Walking out of the main courtyard, Pei Qianhao called Wu Ling over. "Quickly go to the Imperial Physician Institute and summon Imperial Physician Zhao to the residence."


Thinking that Su Xi-er had been injured based on Pei Qianhao’s expression, Wu Ling immediately nodded before hastily making his way to the Imperial Palace.




Meanwhile, Pei Yaran was silently lying in the room with her eyes closed. She would be the thoroughly foolish Niu Niu upon waking.


Two hours later, the backyard gradually became quiet as everyone returned to their rooms to rest.


A tall figure took the opportunity to quickly dash past, his mouth being the only thing visible on an otherwise black-clad body.


He swiftly entered Pei Yaran's room, closing the door behind him before he walked up to the bed.


After silently watching her for a while, the man sneered. "Empress Dowager, why have all your past schemes disappeared like bubbles in front of Su Xi-er?" He took out a small porcelain bottle from his sleeve, a pungent smell emanating from it.


He placed the bottle below Pei Yaran's nose, then poured the medicinal powder into her mouth, forcing her to wake up.


A mixture of disgust and the urge to vomit came with a multitude of other feelings, causing Pei Yaran to furrow her brows. In a few seconds, her body shot up as she began to vomit.


The smell of wine and the sour odor of vomit suffused the room, causing one to feel even more disgusted. By the time she was done, Pei Yaran felt as if she had vomited her intestines out.


Finally, she looked at the man before her with a dazed look. After musing for a moment, she yelled in shock. "Shi Mo!"


The corner of Shi Mo's mouth curled up. "Not bad, you know my name. It seems that we were in time, and you haven’t turned into a real fool."


Pei Yaran trembled as the scenes from earlier today flashed past her mind. The wine was laced with a medicinal powder to turn me into a fool...


"Shi Mo, why did you save me?" Pei Yaran raised her eyes and looked at him, still recovering from her surprise.


"Xie Yun is useless; he chose to let go of his power because of love. Right now, everyone thinks that you have become a true fool because of the medicinal powder. Keh, that grandfather of yours often sends firewood to the Prince Hao Residence; you have to make use of your identity as foolish Niu Niu." Shi Mo paused for a moment, an evil smile creeping to his mouth. "As for why I saved you, it's very simple: you and I have a common enemy."


"Do you want Pei Qianhao or Su Xi-er dead?"


"I can't bear to kill Su Xi-er." Shi Mo slowly stated.

1. Yin is the opposite of yang.

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