Pei Yaran violently coughed, even reaching her fingers into her throat to try to vomit, but everything was futile.


What exactly did she make me drink?! 


Pei Yaran dropped her foolish facade and ruthlessly glared at Su Xi-er. "Bitch, what kind of wine did you make me drink? Did you poison it?! Vicious woman! I'm going to kill you!" She instantly pounced towards Su Xi-er, reaching for the latter's neck.


Su Xi-er swiftly dodged to the side, and before Pei Yaran could try again, a tall figure had come forth to grab her hand and toss her to the ground.


Thud! Pei Yaran lost her balance and fell to the ground, an acute pain shooting up her wrist as she scraped it.


She would have definitely screamed in pain in the past, but the current her kept quiet as she stood back up to glare resentfully at Su Xi-er. "Pei Qianhao, you have also become vicious after being together with Su Xi-er! You have forgotten about our everything in the past! Take a good look at yourself, not only did you bait me, you even personally fed me poisoned wine! How vicious!"


Pei Yaran’s voice raised into a deranged shriek towards the end, her hands clawing at her now disheveled hair.


A cold voice was especially clear in the tranquil night. "It's not poisoned wine; you will be able to break free of your troubles after drinking it. This is the only way for you to return to being yourself."


"Myself?" Pei Yaran pointed at Pei Qianhao. "Ridiculous! Ever since I entered the palace and killed someone for the first time, there was already no path of retreat. The only person who could let me return to being myself was you! Yet, at the most critical juncture, you let go of my hand and got together with a fox vixen; a shameless woman with an unclear background became Princess Consort Hao. I tried so hard, but all my efforts only ended with a cup of laced wine from you!"


Pei Yaran was hysterically laughing while tears streamed from her eyes. Her body continuously shook as her eyes burned with fury. "Su Xi-er, you won't meet a good end! Did you think I wouldn't know about all those filthy things you did? How many men do you have by your side? You were once the plaything of Pei Yong, a man in his forties! To think that a defiled woman like you became the Princess Consort! You have really made him a cuckold!"


As soon as Pei Qianhao heard Pei Yong’s name, he immediately cut in. "Enough! Even Xie Yun could let things go despite his ambitions for power. Yet, you still stubbornly refuse to admit to your mistakes and repent."


Su Xi-er calmly added. "You just want to agitate me with your words. Let me ask you in return then: You were the late Emperor’s woman; how old was he when you first married him?"


This matter had always been a thorn in Pei Yaran's heart. I entered the imperial palace and married the late Emperor, a man who was even older than my own father.


Pei Yaran smiled desolately. "The late Emperor was indeed very old, so old that he couldn't engage in lovemaking; I am still chaste." Her eyes became clouded, and she began walking towards Pei Qianhao with a foolish smile, as if she had truly lost her mind.


When she was almost close enough to reach Pei Qianhao, Pei Yaran shut her eyes and pounced towards him.


Ruo Yuan immediately restrained Pei Yaran and looked towards Su Xi-er with a bewildered expression. "The Empress Dowager will really become foolish after drinking that cup of wine?"


Su Xi-er nodded, then softly said, "When she wakes up, she will truly be a fool. Tell the old uncle to come tomorrow and take his granddaughter away."


Even after steeling my heart, I still couldn't kill Pei Yaran.

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