Pei Yaran turned in the direction of the main hall and happened to see Pei Qianhao looking in her direction. Her heart immediately fell captive to his misty and dazed appearance. 


Even though he treated me in such a manner, I can't stop my heart from giving in when I see him like this.


Yet, I know that I can't go to him. Once I do, I will be exposed, and everything I have done so far will all be in vain.


Hence, after that brief glance at Pei Qianhao, Pei Yaran immediately lowered her head and continued sweeping with her foolish smile. However, her heart was filled with sorrow and bleakness.


Pei Yaran, to think that you have fallen to such a state. It was because of this vicious woman called Su Xi-er that Brother Hao had a change of heart.


Everything has changed! 


Her grip on the broom tightened for a moment before she relaxed again, continuing to sweep.


Secretly observing from out of sight, Su Xi-er's gaze deepened. 


Having gone through so many things, Pei Yaran has become much more clever; she even suppressed her longing for Pei Qianhao. It seems like this handsome man trap is useless.


"Princess Consort, aren't you drunk?" Ruo Yuan softly asked.


Su Xi-er shook her head and signalled for Ruo Yuan to keep quiet. A moment later, she walked out from her hiding spot and stopped beside Pei Yaran. " Niu Niu, you have worked a lot today."


Pei Yaran's body trembled as she pretended to be terrified. "Princess Consort, I want to go home; I miss Grandpa."


"You’ve been so obedient, so I’ll let you go home. However, you’ve done so well that I want to reward you with something." Su Xi-er turned to Ruo Yuan. "Ruo Yuan, bring a cup of wine over."


Despite not understanding Su Xi-er's intentions, Ruo Yuan acknowledged the order. "This servant will get to it now."


She immediately entered the main hall, knowing which cup of wine she was meant to bring from Pei Qianhao’s meaningful look.


Coming out of the main hall, Ruo Yuan passed the cup to Su Xi-er.


"Niu Niu, consider this cup of wine my reward to you. This wine is very strong, and can let you forget many of your troubles and frustrations." Su Xi-er held the cup to Pei Yaran.


Pei Yaran appeared confused and took a few steps back. "I'm not drinking."


"Is that so? But I insist that you drink today." Su Xi-er restrained her and tried to force the wine down her throat.


Pei Yaran vigorously shook her head and flung her arms around. "I won't drink, I won't drink!" She had quickly understood that there was something amiss with the wine, as well as the fact that Pei Qianhao had been sitting there to bait her.


As she struggled, a white silk handkerchief fell from her sleeve, the 'Hao' character embroidered on it entering her eyes.


Su Xi-er softly chuckled. "Pei Yaran, how much longer do you plan to act? I initially wanted to  act subtly, allowing you to slip up yourself. However, you’ve become a bit smarter, and I can only resort to brute force."


"I don't know what you're talking about! Let go of me!" Pei Yaran continued to scream.


Grasping the opportunity, Su Xi-er immediately seized Pei Yaran’s open mouth and poured the wine down her throat, disregarding the latter’s coughing.


Su Xi-er passed the cup to Ruo Yuan and dusted off her hands. "You spared no effort to torment me while I was a maidservant in the Palace Side Quarters, going as far as to order Old Maidservant Zhao to constantly find trouble for me."


No one is born with a cold constitution, and the current state of my body is even rarer. Su Xi-er had suffered all kinds of bullying since she entered the palace. You could say that she was constantly in contact with cold water, even during the winter. I didn’t think much of it when I entered this body, only finding that my limbs would always feel cold. I didn’t even notice anything during my period since there were no side effects.


An extreme cold constitution born out of years of torture; people should understand the pain of women who are unable to become pregnant. I normally wouldn’t have minded this, since I believe we should forgive when we can. However, it is no longer possible for me to be so soft to Pei Yaran; I can only think that letting her off with just becoming foolish is too easy!


What will happen? Will she really become foolish?




Note from Author: The female lead will definitely have a child, just that the journey to get there will be much tougher. This part is from a real-life scenario, and I would like to say this to all couples wishing for a child: Perseverance is success!

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