The two of them embraced each other while the black steed trotted around, only dismounting after a long while. Pei Qianhao then held her hand as they walked towards the main hall to partake of their meal.


There had already been significant changes made to the menu; mainly that many of the dishes had been swapped out for those that could nourish the female body. Su Xi-er was to drink a bowl of soup before the main course, and another after the meal. When Su Xi-er finished, a guard took her plate away while Pei Qianhao wiped her mouth with his sleeves.


"Don't move. Aren't you worried that it'll get dirty? I have a handkerchief." Su Xi-er took out a pink handkerchief from her sleeves and gently wiped her mouth with it.


"Xi-er, even if you fall into a mud pit, I still won’t find you dirty." The corners of Pei Qianhao's mouth curved up, and there was a lazy look in his eyes.


However, it was currently unbeknownst to him that his words would come true a few months later. It was just that the one falling into a mud pit wouldn’t be her, but him.


Soon after, a guard came to report. "Prince Hao, the old physician has already arrived; he’s coming to the main hall."


Pei Qianhao nodded, then looked towards Su Xi-er. "Xi-er, I want a twin boy and girl."


Seeing the delighted and expectant look in his eyes, Su Xi-er gently replied, "Alright, we'll have a twin boy and girl then."


As soon as his voice faded, the old physician stepped into the main hall. The latter had heard Pei Qianhao mention wanting a twin boy and girl. After bowing, the old physician smiled. "Princess Consort, let this peasant feel your pulse and check your body's constitution. If you are doing well, just drinking some soup will tremendously increase your chances of giving birth to a twin boy and girl."


Pei Qianhao immediately got up from the chair. "Quickly take her pulse."


The old physician walked forward and reached out his hand to feel Su Xi-er's pulse at her wrist. He kept silent, but after a long while, his eyebrows remained knitted after retracting his hands.


Pei Qianhao was extremely worried when he saw the old physician's expression. "How is the Princess Consort's body?"


"About that, please forgive this peasant for being direct." The old physician shifted his gaze to Su Xi-er. "Princess Consort, were you often whipped and drenched by cold water in the past?"


Su Xi-er remembered how her arms were covered with scars, and how this body had been aching when she had first entered it. The previous host was indeed constantly bullied by others.


"Just directly tell us the state of the Princess Consort’s body." Pei Qianhao was solemn, and the cold aura around him caused the old physician to shudder before immediately blurting out the truth.


"When the Princess Consort started having her period, her body was often subjected to excessive heat and cold. Not only did she not properly nourish her body, she even forced herself to work despite her poor condition. Her body is now frail and suffering from inner coldness. Her condition needs to be meticulously adjusted for a period of time, and she cannot be allowed to feel cold again.”


Su Xi-er thought about how some of her Emperor Father's consorts were unable to get pregnant because of their cold constitution. They were largely unsuccessful despite attempting a multitude of methods. Perhaps this body's coldness is too severe…


Hence, she went straight to the point. "Tell me, what are my chances of getting pregnant in the future?"


Now that she had mentioned the main topic, the old physician's eyes darkened. 


How am I supposed to answer? I can't lie, but I tell the truth, Prince Hao might punish me.


Su Xi-er could see that he was placed in a difficult spot, so she added, "Feel free to shoot. I won't do anything to you; don't worry."


Only then was the old physician relieved. "Princess Consort, please don't be angry. As long as you persevere, you will still have a chance of having a child, just that the process will be a bit more arduous. It will require you and Prince Hao to work together." 

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