Su Xi-er inwardly sneered before leaving the backyard. I have already drafted the plan, and it can be carried out tonight; the only thing I still need is Pei Qianhao's cooperation.


Hence, she immediately went to look for Pei Qianhao. After failing to find him in the main courtyard, she finally learned from a guard that he was practising archery in the field behind the Prince Hao Residence.


After traversing through the woods behind the residence, Su Xi-er arrived at a massive grassland. The guards nearby could only station themselves at the perimeter, as they weren't allowed to go closer without an order.


When Su Xi-er came, the guards stopped her. “Princess Consort, please wait here. Prince Hao doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s practising archery.”


“Alright, I’ll wait here.” Su Xi-er didn’t make things difficult for the guards, standing at the edge of the field as she looked into the distance. There, she found a handsome man riding a black steed, a bow taut in the man’s hands.


A moment later, he raised the bow and aimed it at the target. Three arrows shot out at once, and all of them lodged in the middle of the target. Immediately after, it became four arrows, five arrows, and even six arrows. Finally, the man lowered his bow and turned around with only his right hand pulling the reins.


The black steed swiftly galloped over. When it swerved at the corner of the field, it leapt while its rider remained stony faced.


All the guards’ faces were full of admiration. “Prince Hao, you’re too amazing! Your archery and horse-riding skills have improved once again!”


“Exactly! Nothing less from Beimin’s god of war and the hero in the people’s hearts!”


Su Xi-er was feeling practically the same as the guards, except besides admiration, she was also proud. That’s because the handsome and awe-inspiring man riding on the horse is my husband!


The black horse speedily dashed over, and Pei Qianhao’s eyes locked onto Su Xi-er. When he got close to her, he bent down and scooped her into his arms, her back tightly pressed against his chest. Her familiar fragrance instantly wafted into his nose as the sound of the wind and galloping hooves streamed into his ears.


By the time they arrived at the other side of the field, Pei Qianhao slowed the horse down, allowing it to slowly walk around.


“Xi-er, is this Prince amazing?”


Su Xi-er turned around and pecked his chin. “Of course you are; my husband is the best.”


Her flattering words greatly pleased Pei Qianhao, and he lowered his head to kiss her ear. “We’ll go and have a meal later. Old Madame is coming in the afternoon.”


“A-Jing, we’ll execute the handsome man trap tonight.”


Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. She’s bringing up the handsome man trap again. 


“Xi-er what should this Prince do?”


Su Xi-er grinned. “It’s very simple. You just need to drink wine in the main hall and pretend that you are drunk.”


“Who’s coming? Pei Yaran? You want this Prince to sed…” Pei Qianhao paused.


I had just gotten comfortable, and now I’m feeling awkward again. If she dares to nod or say yes, I’ll take care of her right now!


“Even if you want to do that, I wouldn’t allow it! Just let Pei Yaran find you in that situation. When she saw the silk handkerchief today, there was some visible reaction from her, but she quickly regained her foolish appearance. We must catch her red-handed tonight and make her break down.”


Pei Qianhao kept quiet, only replying in a low voice after a long while. “If she had really become a fool, perhaps it could have been a kind of freedom for her.” His eyes darkened as if he had made up his mind.


“A-Jing, you want to use some medicine to truly turn Pei Yaran into a fool?”


Pei Qianhao didn’t answer her. He raised his hand and caressed her hair, only speaking after a long moment of silence. “If she becomes a fool, she will forget many things, including her obsession. A fool’s world is very pure and simple.”


Wouldn’t that be considered a good thing for Pei Yaran?


Su Xi-er turned her head and carefully examined him. Seems like he has come to a decision. Perhaps becoming a real fool is the only way Pei Yaran can forget her hatred and truly become free.


“However, this idea of a handsome man trap is not bad.” Pei Qianhao suddenly remarked, a profound glint flickering across his eyes.

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