By the time Su Xi-er reached the backyard of the Prince Hao Residence, Pei Yaran had already finished sweeping and returned to her room to rest.


Su Xi-er didn't enter her room, but headed for the kitchen instead. She took out the silk handkerchief and set it down next to the fireplace, quickly turning the piece of cloth ash-grey. Once she was finished, she stepped outside the kitchen and instructed Ruo Yuan. "Tell Niu Niu to boil some water in the kitchen; I'll be using the water later for my bath."


Ruo Yuan nodded and turned to Pei Yaran's room, finding the latter massaging her thighs as she walked in.They're probably sore from sweeping for a long time.


"Niu Niu, go to the kitchen to boil some water, and make sure there is some extra. Pour it inside the wooden tub when you finish."


A trace of annoyance flickered across Pei Yaran's countenance, but by the time she raised her head, none of it could be seen. Her expression had already returned to one of confusion, and she foolishly pointed at herself. "I just finished sweeping. I would usually be resting by now. Grandpa said that I'll become even more foolish if I don't rest." She ignored Ruo Yuan and lied on the bed without removing her clothes.


Ruo Yuan walked over and pulled her up. "I won’t have you do any other work after you boil the water. Go on Niu Niu, otherwise, you’re going to receive a beating."


Ruo Yuan pulled Pei Yaran out of the room by the collar, and only let go of her when they reached the kitchen.


Pei Yaran’s slender limbs were naturally no match for Ruo Yuan’s strength, and by the time the former could steady herself, she was already standing in the kitchen.


It's filled with firewood, and the floor is covered in dust. It's so dirty. 


A trace of disgust flashed across her eyes, but she immediately squatted down to hide her face, pretending to be foolish.


Since you want me to boil water, I'll do so, and I'll burn down this kitchen while doing it!


Upon seeing Pei Yaran prepare to boil the water, Ruo Yuan walked out.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was observing Pei Yaran's every move from a hidden spot in the kitchen. She watched as the latter stood up and walked towards the firewood, crouching as she noticed something next to the fireplace. A moment later, the silk handkerchief had appeared in Pei Yaran’s hands as she closely examined it.


When Pei Yaran realised what the handkerchief was, her body shook, and her expression of disbelief couldn’t be hidden.


Of course I can recognise something precious to me! I had specially sewn this for Pei Qianhao's birthday back then, but he didn't accept it.


He should know that I like white lotus. Not only was this a birthday present, it was also a love token I wanted to give him. Since he didn't want it, I stowed it away in a black box so that I wouldn't have to look at it. Yet, it has suddenly appeared here!


Could Pei Qianhao have secretly slipped into the Compassionate Peace Palace and found this handkerchief? So, the truth is that he actually still cares about me, right? But if he did care enough about me to do such a thing, why did he throw the handkerchief here? Is it because of Su Xi-er causing trouble? 


The more she thought about it, the more perplexed she was, and the more tightly she clenched the handkerchief in her hands.


Suddenly, she thought of the possibility that the handkerchief was being used to sound her out. She deliberately raised the handkerchief and foolishly giggled before turning around to survey the room. Noticing nobody in the vicinity, she finally felt relieved.


However, Pei Yaran's reaction was still too slow. Su Xi-er was already certain that Pei Yaran was pretending to be foolish. She must have a motive for feigning foolishness to slip into the Prince Hao Residence.


Why didn’t she just find a place for herself outside after leaving behind the imperial palace and the responsibilities of the Empress Dowager? Why must she be unresigned and drag herself in again? However, you were the one who chose this path; don't blame me for not being polite.

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