Pei Qianhao became displeased again. She says she’s thinking about me, but she isn’t willing to sit on my lap? 


His eagle-like eyes remained glued to her, yet she continued to remain immobile. As such, he decided to move to her side himself.


Fine then. If she doesn’t want to get up to sit on my lap, I’ll lift her up instead.


His hands reached for her waist and lifted her onto his lap, his arms circling around her from behind. “Xi-er, this Prince has instructed an old physician from the capital to come to the residence. Rumour has it that they specialise in prescriptions that can nourish a woman’s body; moreover, they say that these prescriptions can even allow the woman to give birth to fraternal twins of different genders.”


He continued. “We can’t possibly just give birth to one child, so we might as well give birth to two at once. Twins of mixed genders ー our son will be like me, and our daughter will be like you. That sounds pretty good. The old physician should probably arrive at the residence after lunch.”


“Whether we have a son or a daughter depends on kismet. Are you sure that just drinking some medicinal soup can make a difference? A-Jing, you believe the gossip of the masses?” Su Xi-er held his hand and smiled as she asked him.


“This Prince is very powerful; even if you don’t drink it, you will still give birth to twins. Drinking some medicinal soup is just a precautionary measure.” He replied with certainty.


Su Xi-er squeezed his hand. He is so confident that he can definitely let me become pregnant with twins, but…


“There still hasn’t been any news from my stomach. Are you sure you’re powerful?”


“Xi-er, I realised that the number of times you like to oppose this Prince has been increasing. Not only that, you’ve even been doubting me.” Pei Qianhao lowered his head and nibbled at her ear.


She’s actually doubting me! Wait till the old physician has written the prescription! I’ll take care of her then!


The horse carriage travelled all the way to the Prince Hao Residence and stopped outside the entrance. Pei Qianhao carried Su Xi-er down from the carriage, helping her to tidy her hair before they walked into the residence hand-in-hand.


When the guards at the entrance noticed that the two were behaving harmoniously, they instantly heaved a sigh of relief. 


Luckily they aren’t arguing! Wait, but what happened to the little lass they took with them? Why didn’t she come back?


However, it only took a moment for them to come to an understanding. Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao were previously at odds because of that little lass! Prince Hao was probably displeased that she kept clinging to the  Princess Consort. Tsk tsk, his jealousy is enough for him to become a vinegar king[1]!


Soon after the two entered the main hall, Ruo Yuan came in with a pot of tea.


“Princess Consort, this pot of green tea has just been brewed, and is still hot. Please, be careful.”


Su Xi-er took the cup Ruo Yuan poured for her. “Is Pei Yaran obediently sweeping the ground? Did you notice any strange behaviour from her?”


Ruo Yuan truthfully replied. “This servant doesn’t know whether it was really because she has become silly, or if she was simply unwilling. However, when I ordered her, she stood motionlessly for quite awhile before she began sweeping.”


“I’ll go to the backyard now.” Su Xi-er set down the cup and patted Pei Qianhao’s shoulder before walking off. “Continue employing the handsome man trap.”


Hearing those words, Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. Only after she left the main hall and Wu Ling hastily entered did his expression return to normal.


“What’s the result of your investigation?” Pei Qianhao put on a solemn expression as he earnestly asked.


“Prince Hao, Rong Qing, the Third Young Master of the Rong Residence in Fragrance County, has always had a poor constitution. Aunt Rong and Third Young Madame have been looking after him. In addition, he is a young master of the Rong Residence despite not being Aunt Rong’s biological son. As for Aunt Rong herself, she is favoured, but infertile. Your Highness, will you be making a trip to Fragrance County?”


Rong Qing isn’t born from Aunt Rong, so… At that thought, the look in Pei Qianhao’s eyes deepened, and he coldly replied, “I’ll head over after I’m done settling the matters in the residence.”


“This subordinate understands.” Wu Ling turned to leave the main hall.

Pei Qianhao stood in the main hall alone. My parents doted on children; if Rong Qing and I are really identical twins, how could they have abandoned him?

1. ’Eating vinegar’ means being jealous in Chinese.

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