Imperial Aunt is holding the little girl's hand and walking in front, while Imperial Uncle is following behind expressionlessly...what on earth has happened?


Situ Lin immediately walked over and curiously asked, "Imperial Aunt, why did you bring a little lass into the palace?"


"Yinyin, greet His Majesty." Su Xi-er patted her shoulder.


Liu Yinyin glanced at him and properly bowed. "Yinyin pays her respects to Your Majesty.'


"So she's called Yinyin; but Imperial Aunt, why did you bring her here?"


Liu Yinyin grabbed Su Xi-er. "Fairy Elder Sister, why don't we let Prince Hao play with His Majesty? You can take me to other places in the palace."


A cold male voice immediately ensued. "Your Majesty, you're older than Yinyin by a few years. She hasn’t properly followed the rules or minded her manners these past couple days, so you can guide her." Right after he finished speaking, he pulled Su Xi-er over. "Come, let's go and carry out official matters."


Su Xi-er widened her eyes. How did he know that I came to the palace to carry out official matters? This overbearing man has really become an expert at reading my mind.




With that, the two of them departed, leaving Liu Yinyin to Situ Lin. 


I have never interacted with a little girl, nor have I ever taught someone else about rules and manners; Imperial Uncle has left me in a pinch.


Liu Yinyin glanced at Situ Lin with sparkling eyes. "Do you know how to climb trees? Let's go and climb trees!" She waved at him in excitement while speaking.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao were completely unaware of their actions as the pair made their way along the palace paths, maids and eunuchs bowing as they passed by.


Pei Qianhao didn't pay much attention to them, simply wrapping his arms around Su Xi-er's waist as they continued walking forward. They turned the corner and walked a little further before choosing an isolated path that led to the Compassionate Peace Palace.


"A-Jing, you knew that I wanted to come to the Compassionate Peace Palace."


"Mmm, even if one has lost their memories, their own belongings may provoke a reaction. This is even more true if she’s feigning to be foolish."


This had been exactly what Su Xi-er had in mind. We'll go to the Compassionate Peace Palace to find ornaments Pei Yaran is familiar with; it would be best if they are also items she cherishes a lot.


The only people who regularly visited the Compassionate Peace Palace were the palace maids who swept the floor. Once they were done with their job, there would be nobody left; the once bustling Compassionate Peace Palace had become abandoned.


When the two entered, the palace maids who were sweeping bowed and paid their respects.


Pei Qianhao waved his hand and coldly instructed, "Leave."


The palace maids shivered and fled with their brooms in hand.


Once they had left,, Su Xi-er proceeded through the main hall, long side corridors, and finally arrived at the inner chambers. She directly went to the dressing table and began rummaging through the items there.


However, she quickly moved on to the wardrobe after finding nothing but ordinary rouge and ornaments.


Pei Qianhao quietly watched as she scoured the room; a good bit of time passed before she finally retrieved a locked black box from the bottom of the wardrobe.


Thinking quickly, Su Xi-er set the black box down on the dressing table before finding a fine silver hairpin, using it to pick the lock. It wasn’t long before a faint clatter signaled her success.


Pei Qianhao chuckled."Xi-er, you're really experienced with lock picking."


"Of course, I can do anything." Su Xi-er gleefully replied. 


Opening the wooden box, she only found a white silk handkerchief.


There was a lotus flower embroidered at the bottom, with a black ‘Hao’ character sitting next to it. It was evident that Pei Yaran had embroidered this for Pei Qianhao.

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