Pei Qianhao's face darkened as he pulled Su Xi-er behind him, away from Liu Yinyin's clutches. "Properly stay in the residence and don't go anywhere." His voice was as cold as a frosty mountain breeze.


Liu Yinyin had never been faced with such fierceness, and was immediately frightened to the point that she couldn’t speak. Her visage was stricken with fear, and she couldn’t stop her legs from trembling as she retreated backwards.


"Xi-er, let's go." Pei Qianhao didn't give Su Xi-er a chance to coax Liu Yinyin. circling his arms around her waist as he led her away.


However, they had only taken two steps when they heard Liu Yinyin’s sobbing from behind them. Su Xi-er's heart leapt, and she immediately spun around, feeling that Pei Qianhao had done something heinous. 


Su Xi-er flung Pei Qianhao aside and quickly rushed over to Liu Yinyin. "Don't cry; I'll take you to the palace to play. Beimin's and Nanzhao's palace have different sceneries, so let’s go and view them together, alright?"


"Wawa, okay…okay." Liu Yinyin pounced onto Su Xi-er's shoulder and continued sobbing, sneaking glances at Pei Qianhao every now and then. She was afraid that he would suddenly come over and fling her aside.


Liu Yinyin continued peeking at Pei Qianhao, but she didn’t expect him to really come over! His face is scarier now, and his eyes are filled with ferocity.


"Fairy Elder Sister, save me." Liu Yinyin tightly grasped Su Xi-er's hand.


Pei Qianhao was filled with immense regret. I shouldn't have brought the little lass back! She's now taking my Xi-er away from me! Doesn't she know that I'm the only one who can hold Xi-er's hand??!!


"A-Jing, let's just bring her to the palace." Su Xi-er's gentle and pleasant voice streamed into Pei Qianhao's ears, causing his furrowed brows to relax.


He cast a perfunctory glance at Liu Yinyin before remembering that Situ Lin was about the same age. He also remembered that the latter had been complaining about being bored in the imperial palace. Why don't I put them together? Not only can they help each other relieve their boredom, I can also resolve this troublesome problem.


Pei Qianhao was satisfied with the plan and immediately nodded. "We can bring her to the palace, but she must be obedient. Otherwise, I'll throw her out." Despite having made up his mind, he still had to put on an imposing facade. 


It wouldn't be good if the little lass disregards the rules and forgets her manners. She can't behave the same as she did in Nanzhao. 


"Yinyin, come here. We'll enter the palace together." Su Xi-er smiled at Liu Yinyin and held her hand, brushing past Pei Qianhao as they walked out of the residence.


Pei Qianhao watched her as she departed. Damn! She actually held the little lass' hand and left without sparing me a single glance! She's totally rebelling. She was thinking of using me as bait for a handsome man trap a moment ago, and now she's behaving like this! She's really become a rebel!


Pei Qianhao’s displeasure was clear on his face, and the guards at the main entrance couldn’t help but shudder. What's wrong with Prince Hao? He was still fine yesterday, so why is his expression suddenly so foul? The guards then recalled how Su Xi-er hadn't waited for Pei Qianhao, boarding the carriage while holding Liu Yinyin's hand.


Everyone immediately understood. So that's why! His Highness and Her Highness are having a conflict!


"Guard the main entrance properly; be careful of your heads." Pei Qianhao coldly reminded the guards when he spotted the shock in their eyes.


"Yes yes, this subordinate obeys the order." The guards immediately bowed, only daring to lift their heads after Pei Qianhao had boarded the horse carriage and departed.


The guards glanced at one another and stood ramrod straight. There's something amiss in the air today; we mustn't let our guards down. Prince Hao was only scaring us when he mentioned our heads, but if we really offend him, we won't be able to avoid 20 beatings of the planks.




In the Dragon Heaven Palace, Situ Lin had just finished listening to Grand Tutor King's lesson when he learnt that his Imperial Uncle and Imperial Aunt were coming. 


His face was filled with delight as he walked to the entrance of his repose palace, eagerly awaiting their arrival. However, what he didn't expect was the addition of another guest.

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