Su Xi-er is indeed a vicious woman! She used her words to wound me, and even acted intimate with Pei Qianhao as a display!


That’s right, I am Pei Yaran, the Empress Dowager who was tricked by Pei Qianhao and oppressed by Su Xi-er! I had hidden myself in a small village at the foot of the mountain. 


It was only because I pretended to be a foolish woman that I was able to enter the Prince Hao Residence today. Since I’ve decided to do such a thing, I refuse to fall for any of Su Xi-er’s crafty schemes!


Pei Yaran tightly clenched her fists, her teeth biting her lips. The Imperial Notice Board stated that the Empress Dowager admitted her mistakes,  and requested for an edict to guard the Imperial Mausoleum for life. For life?! So this is how you treat me when I’m gone! Pei Qianhao, I hate you to the core! You’re no longer my elder brother! You’ve even told Su Xi-er about your pet name, something that you’ve never even told me!


However, I didn’t expect that not long after I left, Xie Yun’s power would actually be taken away. Only an empty shell remains of the Xie Family; they have riches, but no power or status! In addition, Pei Qianhao has completely broken free of the Pei Family; he has established his own faction, and doesn’t care about the Pei Family’s fate at all!


The Pei Family raised him, but to think that he would repay them like this! Why is such a person still remaining in this world? Su Xi-er must also die!  

Pei Yaran was furious enough to peel Su Xi-er’s skin away while she was still alive, but she reminded herself to endure time and again. Enduring is the only way!


Suddenly, Ruo Yuan entered the backyard and called her. “Niu Niu, this broom is for you. The Princess Consort instructed you to sweep the courtyard.”


Contempt flickered across Pei Yaran’s eyes. A fat lass from the Palace Side Quarters is ordering me around. I’ll endure this, and I’ll pay it all back in the future!


“Niu Niu, quickly come and sweep.” Receiving no response from her, Ruo Yuan tried to stuff the broom into her hand.


Just now, the Princess Consort had instructed me to try and make things difficult for Niu Niu while having her do work. The Princess Consort must have confirmed that Niu Niu is the Empress Dowager. She is naturally arrogant, and if we keep putting her in situations where she doesn’t know how to respond, her true personality will be forced out so that we can expose her.


Pei Yaran raised her head with hazy eyes, pretending that she didn’t understand. “Sweep the floor?”


“That’s right, sweep the whole backyard. If you don’t sweep it clean, you won’t be allowed to eat. You’ll be starved to death!”


Pei Yaran appeared to be lost on the surface, but she was inwardly sneering. Fat lass, you’ll be the first person I kill!


“Sweep!” Ruo Yuan couldn’t bear her slow response. Since the Princess Consort has determined that she’s the Empress Dowager, then she has to be. I still remember how she tried to kill Su Xi-er with all kinds of methods.


Pei Yaran quickly found a broom stuffed into her hand. Watching Ruo Yuan’s departing figure, she found it ridiculous. I killed so many imperial consorts after entering the imperial palace, but I would have never expected that I would be bossed around and humiliated by a maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters.


It seems like a sacrifice must be made if I want some things to succeed. On this path, the Eldest Imperial Prince has failed; Daddy has failed; Xie Yun has failed. I must endure this humiliation for the greater good. It’s just sweeping the ground.


Hence, Pei Yaran walked to one side of the backyard and began sweeping with a foolish expression.


Ruo Yuan secretly observed her for a while before leaving to prepare the red bean soup.




Meanwhile, some guards were already at the main entrance with a horse carriage in tow, waiting for Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er to arrive.


Before Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er could walk out, a little child pounced towards them. “Fairy Elder Sister, I’m bored to death; take me out of the residence to play!” Liu Yinyin tugged at Su Xi-er’s dress.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. The wind is so strong outside, yet this little lass is pulling at Xi-er’s dress. Doesn’t she know that she could accidentally expose Xi-er’s legs?!

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