Su Xi-er deliberately replied, "There are numerous handsome men in my mind."


She immediately felt an arm tightening around her waist, and found that Pei Qianhao’s face was gloomy when she looked up.


This huge vinegar jar is getting jealous again.


With a smile, Su Xi-er tiptoed and hooked her arms around his neck before planting a kiss on his lips. "But the only handsome man that can enter my eyes is you, A-Jing."


Her words greatly pleased Pei Qianhao, but his expression didn't improve much. "Xi-er, you are patting this Prince's horse fart[red]It means bootlicking and currying favour with someone. I'm leaving it as a literal translation in this case because it is used as a pun in the next paragraph.[/ref]."


Su Xi-er patted his cheeks with a crisp sound. "Does this patting of the horse fart[1]  feel comfortable?” 


A chuckle escaped from Pei Qianhao’s lips as he teasingly replied, “You clearly know that this Prince feels the most comfortable in bed.”


“Pervert.” Su Xi-er harrumphed and pushed him away with a bashful look.


As she turned away, her gaze landed on Niu Niu, who also happened to be looking in Su Xi-er’s direction. Su Xi-er carefully observed her countenance, but the only emotion she could discern was fear.


Hence, Su Xi-er decided to simply pull Pei Qianhao’s arm and softly say, “Let’s go and take a look at your younger sister.” She then pulled him forward, wondering if Pei Yaran’s expression would change if she faced Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao quickly put two and two together. She just mentioned a handsome man trap; this little bewitching fairy must be planning to use me as bait. She’ll see how I’ll sort her out at night!


When Niu Niu saw the two walk over, she stumbled a few steps back before bumping into Hong Li.


Hong Li supported her and said, “Stand well; you have to bow with me later.” Hong Li then slightly bent her knees. “This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao and the Princess Consort.”


Su Xi-er waved her hand to dismiss her. “Go and get on with your work.”


“This servant obeys the order.” Hong Li swiftly left the backyard.


Without many servants in the Prince Hao Residence in the first place, the backward was now left clear of any outsiders.


Niu Niu stared blankly at Su Xi-er, and she still didn’t bow to pay her respects.


“A-Jing, look at her; does she look like your younger sister?” Su Xi-er deliberately stressed the words ‘younger sister’ and observed Niu Niu’s expression.


Pei Qianhao swept his cold gaze across Pei Yaran. “She does indeed.”


Su Xi-er chuckled and leaned against him. “A-Jing, I’ll have her stay in the backyard of the residence for a few days. She can also wait upon me with Ruo Yuan and Hong Li.”


“As you wish.” Pei Qianhao calmly replied. Whatever she wants to do is fine.


“A-Jing, you’re so nice.” Su Xi-er smilingly said before looking towards Niu Niu. “Do you know how old you are?”


Niu Niu’s eyes suddenly went blank before she shook her head a moment later, still stubbornly keeping her mouth shut.


“You look like you’re around 18 years old; technically my elder if we’re talking strictly about age. If you weren’t mentally disabled, you would probably have been matched to someone already.” Su Xi-er went forward to hold her hand and flashed a bright smile.


Niu Niu lowered her head again, preventing others from catching a glimpse of her expression.


“Forget it; you’ll rest in the backyard today. I will send people to properly look after your grandfather.” Su Xi-er moved her hand to pull on Pei Qianhao. “A-Jing, take me to the palace today; I haven’t seen His Majesty for a very long time.”


“What’s there to see about him?” Pei Qianhao countered with a trace of displeasure in his eyes.


Su Xi-er stood on her tiptoes and whispered into his ears, “Come on, let’s just go. Today’s performance is only to give her something to think about; there will be an even better ultimate move in the future.” A sly look flickered across her eyes.


Pei Qianhao nodded and wrapped his arm around her waist, taking her away.


Niu Niu kept her head lowered as they walked away, not looking at the pair. Only when their footsteps disappeared did she look up, her body shaking as any trace of disorientation and fear vanished from her eyes.

1. Refer to the explanation from the footnote in the previous paragraph.

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