The eunuchs obeyed and immediately went forward to seize Hong Li.


Imperial Physician Zhao didn’t report to the Imperial Household Department, yet he still directly came to the Palace Side Quarters with his relatively ordinary position to arrest someone. Moreover, this arrest is based purely on his initial suspicions.


Old Maidservant Liu felt that she was losing face and prepared to call for them to stop.


Who would have thought that Su Xi-er would be one step faster than her. “Imperial Physician Zhao, this servant has also pulled the weeds in this area. However, there are no red spots on my body, nor do I feel itchy at all.”


Imperial Physician Zhao furrowed his eyebrows. My judgement won’t be erroneous. Hence, he immediately spoke with certainty, “I’m sure that this plant is the cause of the issue. Since you have also touched this grass, you shall be brought back to be investigated along with her.”


A eunuch then walked towards Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er pretended to be helpless. “Alright, this servant will leave with you.”


Imperial Physician Zhao’s expression became solemn. “You look like you feel completely helpless. What, don’t tell me that I have suspected you wrongly?” 


Old Maidservant Liu couldn’t endure it any longer and questioned, “Ten palace maids have just been transferred away from the Palace Side Quarters. Despite this, Imperial Physician Zhao is now suspecting the palace maids in the Palace Side Quarters without evidence, and taking another two away. This old servant needs to consult the Imperial Household Department and inform them that the Palace Side Quarters is lacking palace maids and needs to recruit more.”


Imperial Physician Zhao didn’t expect that Old Maidservant Liu would speak to him in such a fierce manner, but as soon as he remembered that she was the emperor’s wet nurse, his tone softened. 


“I am just taking them away for investigation. There are remnants of a medicinal powder that was manufactured with this grass on the sides of the water vat in the Laundry Service Bureau. The Palace Side Quarters coincidentally has this type of grass, so it’s also normal that I am suspecting them. Old Maidservant, there’s no use even if you report it to Prince Hao. Servants, come and take them away.”


Su Xi-er remained calm and collected. When the eunuchs came forward to arrest her, she immediately uttered, “I will walk on my own.”


As her gaze inadvertently landed on the eunuchs, it was so frigid to the point their whole body shuddered.


Hong Li was kneeling on the ground, but immediately got up and followed along when she saw Su Xi-er walking forwards. As long as Su Xi-er is around, my heart will feel at ease. 


Imperial Physician Zhao was pensive as he looked at Su Xi-er’s retreating figure. 


Afterwards, he asked Old Maidservant Liu, “What is that palace maid called?”


Old Maidservant Liu looked at the direction Imperial Physician Zhao was pointing and coldly snorted. “She is called Su Xi-er. Imperial Physician Zhao, you just have to focus on arresting people. Why are you even bothering to learn a palace maid’s name?”


“Old Maidservant, don’t be angry. They will be returned to the Palace Side Quarters once the truth is uncovered.” Imperial Physician Zhao then walked forward.


The matter about Su Xi-er and Hong Li being arrested instantly spread throughout the Palace Side Quarters. Old Maidservant Liu was very intelligent, and intentionally released the news to others outside of the Palace Side Quarters.


When Pei Qianhao caught wind of the news, he had just walked out of the Dragon Heaven Palace.


Wu Ling happened to be walking over in his direction. When he saw Prince Hao, he bowed and paid his greetings. “Prince Hao, right after this subordinate has handled the matter with the Laundry Service Bureau, I heard the news that the Empress Dowager gone to the Beauty Palace, and plans to transfer the 72 beauties to the Laundry Service Bureau to wash the clothes.”


Pei Qianhao replied dismissively, “This prince has long known about this matter. Let her be.”


“What if the Empress Dowager really transfers the beauties to the Laundry Service Bureau?” Wu Ling was a little worried.


“Even if this prince doesn’t interfere in his matter, there will be others interfering.”


Wu Ling looked at Prince Hao’s expression. He’s not even concerned about this matter. Should I talk about Su Xi-er? Hence, he added, “Prince Hao, Su Xi-er was taken away by Imperial Physician Zhao under the suspicion that she had something to do with the incident in the Laundry Service Bureau.”


He immediately observed Prince Hao’s expression.


However, the change to Pei Qianhao’s expression remained the same. “This prince will personally take a look at the three imperial bodyguards who were knocked out last night.” He then walked forward.


Wu Ling gazed at Prince Hao’s departing figure. The person who stole into the Laundry Service Bureau last night is definitely related to the incident in the Laundry Service Bureau. Before sneaking in, the person even knocked out three imperial bodyguards. By going to personally question the imperial bodyguards, Prince Hao is definitely investigating the real person who is causing trouble.


Is it for Su Xi-er? He wants to help clear the suspicions off her as soon as possible? Prince Hao really harboured such a thought? It can’t be, right…?

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