Beimin’s imperial physicians are sharp. They started investigating so quickly and are even able to pinpoint the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters.


Old Maidservant Liu’s gaze landed on Su Xi-er. “Return to your room and stay there aside from meal times. Go and scrub the chamber pots punctually tonight.”


When the subject of scrubbing the chamber pots was brought up, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but ask in puzzlement, “Are there other palace maids scrubbing chamber pots? The number of pots I receive every night has gotten drastically smaller.”


Old Maidservant Liu felt that it was strange as well. Although I’ve never actually counted the number of chamber pots, why would it have decreased?


However, the number of chamber pots sent over won’t be wrong.


“Don’t worry, any error with the quantity is the responsibility of the eunuchs.”


Su Xi-er kept feeling that something was amiss. Could it be that someone instructed for the number of chamber pots to be reduced? Was it Pei Qianhao? Am I thinking too much?


Old Maidservant Liu was baffled when she saw the strange look on Su Xi-er’s face. Before she could inquire about the reason however, a eunuch knocked on the door and began to report.


“Old Maidservant Liu, Imperial Physician Zhao instructed this servant to come and call you to the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters. He also mentioned to take the palace maids who pulled weeds there with you.” Old Maidservant Liu’s eyelid twitched. Don’t tell me that the incident with the palace maids in the Laundry Service Bureau has something to do with the Palace Side Quarters? Not only are they telling me to head over, they’re even insisting I bring the other palace maids who were pulling weeds in that area.


There were originally five palace maids who were in charge of pulling weeds. Adding Su Xi-er who joined after that, there are six in total. However, with Lian Qiao transferred to the Laundry Service Bureau, there are only five remaining in the Palace Side Quarters.


Old Maidservant Liu glanced at Su Xi-er. “Make a trip with me before you return to your room to rest.”


From beginning to end, Old Maidservant Liu had never once associated Su Xi-er with the incident in the Laundry Service Bureau. 


The two left the room very quickly, and the eunuch outside the door paid his greetings to Old Maidservant Liu.


Su Xi-er then went with Old Maidservant Liu to gather the other palace maids who had been pulling the weeds. This, of course, included Hong Li, who had been simmering medicine when the pair arrived.


When she heard about the matter, Hong Li’s expression changed. What do the imperial physicians want to ask?


“Hong Li, quickly go. Why are you still not moving?” Old Maidservant Liu knitted her eyebrows in annoyance.


Hong Li immediately got up and followed them, hesitantly glancing at Su Xi-er occasionally. After all, itchy red spots had once grown on her body. 


Upon arrival, Su Xi-er was instantly able to spot a piece of culm sitting on a cloth in Imperial Physician Zhao’s hand. 


The latter was carefully examining the culm when the eunuch stopped to bow at Imperial Physician Zhao, respectfully informing him, “I have brought the people here.”


Imperial Physician Zhao nodded lightly, his gaze still fixed on the culm. Only after a long while did he wrap it up with the cloth to stow it away. His eyes then turned to the gathered up palace maids.


Su Xi-er looked into the eyes of Imperial Physician Zhao, managing to catch a sharp and meticulous glint in his gaze.


After a while, Imperial Physician Zhao’s slightly hoarse voice rang out, “Which palace maid is in charge of pulling the weeds here?”


Hong Li trembled in fear. “It’s this servant.”


Imperial Physician Zhao’s gaze landed on Hong Li. “You? When you were plucking the grass previously, were there red spots on your body? Were they itchy? Are you fine now?”


“Replying to Imperial Physician, red spots had appeared on this servant’s body before, and I had also felt itchy. I was however, fine after washing myself.”


Imperial Physician Zhao evidently didn’t believe Hong Li’s words. “This type of grass has barbed thorns on the culm. The medical books explicitly state that this is called Xiang Grass. Once the culm comes into contact with human skin, it will cause irritation in mild cases, as well as inflammation in more serious ones.” 


Hong Li heard the suspicion in Imperial Physician Zhao’s words and was frightened until she immediately knelt down, “This servant was really fine after I washed my body completely.”


With Imperial Physician Zhao’s suspicion aroused, it was no use even if she knelt. He waved his hand and instructed two eunuchs, “Take this palace maid away.”

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