Watching the old uncle leave, Ruo Yuan involuntarily turned her head to look at Niu Niu. The once high and mighty Empress Dowager is now dressed in coarse clothes and smiling at me with clear eyes.


“You’re called Niu Niu?” Ruo Yuan couldn’t help but ask.


Niu Niu nodded and grinned in an adorable manner. It was at this moment that Hong Li rounded the corner, having come to remind Ruo Yuan to prepare the red bean soup. However, she was similarly struck dumb when she caught sight of Niu Niu.


“Empress Dowager!” Her expression was exaggerated as she shouted, shocking Niu Niu so much that she stumbled two steps back.


Ruo Yuan pulled Hong Li aside and softly said, “She’s called Niu Niu, and she’s the granddaughter of the old uncle delivering the firewood. However, she really resembles the Empress Dowager too much; we have to inform the Princess Consort.”


Both of them were aware of how Pei Yaran had targeted Su Xi-er while they had both been in the palace. Even if Niu Niu isn’t the Empress Dowager, we still have to take precautions.


Hong Li nodded and tugged at Ruo Yuan. “Stall her; don’t let her leave. I’ll call the Princess Consort over so that she can see for herself.”


“Mmm, quickly go.” Ruo Yuan repeatedly nodded, and when she turned to Niu Niu again, she looked at her with a different gaze.


“Why...are you looking at me like this? I’m scared.” Niu Niu stumbled a few steps back in fear, her back pressed tightly against the wall.


When the old uncle came back from collecting the silvers and saw Niu Niu in such a state, he thought that she had made a mistake, and immediately bowed to apologise. “Miss, my granddaughter is a fool. You are a magnanimous person; please don’t mind her.”


“This granddaughter of yours looks rather adorable and likeable.” Ruo Yuan tried to make small talk. I can’t let the two of them go; the Princess Consort will be coming over later.


“Many thanks for the compliment, Miss. Niu Niu, apologise to the young lady.” The old uncle pulled Niu Niu’s sleeve, but the latter lowered her head and remained silently frozen in place, causing him to panic.


“Niu Niu, quickly say something. Don’t become foolish again.” The old uncle tugged at her again, his face full of anxiety.


It was at this moment that the gentle voice of a woman could be heard. “Don’t force her; she’s a fool after all.”


The one who had spoken was none other than Su Xi-er. She was currently clad in a crimson dress with small golden flowers embroidered on the hem. Even her sleeves and collars were accented with golden thread, giving her a luxurious and noble look. On top of that, she was also exuding with charm after having just done the deed with Pei Qianhao.


Ruo Yuan immediately turned around and bowed. “This servant pays her respects to the Princess Consort.”


“You may rise; you need not stand on courtesy.” Su Xi-er slowly replied with a smile on her face.


Hong Li had already explained the situation to her on the way here. This woman called Niu Niu greatly resembles Pei Yaran. Since we still haven’t found the real Pei Yaran, it’s impossible for us not to be suspicious.


The old uncle could feel the noble aura emanating from Su Xi-er, and upon hearing Ruo Yuan address her as the Princess Consort, he immediately knelt down. “This peasant pays his respects to the Princess Consort.” He then pulled his granddaughter’s arm to make her kneel with him. “Niu Niu, quickly pay your respects to the Princess Consort.”


Niu Niu knelt on the ground, but her head remained lowered, and she refused to say a single word.


Su Xi-er went forward and helped the old uncle get up. “Let’s not make things difficult for her.” She then reached out her hand to pull on Niu Niu. “Stand up.”


Niu Niu softly replied with an affirmative and got up, but quickly hid behind the old uncle.


“Princess Consort, this granddaughter of mine has been foolish since she was young, and she’s afraid of strangers. Please don’t be offended.”

Su Xi-er’s gaze landed on Niu Niu. She looks exactly like Pei Yaran. Is she really foolish, or feigning to be? Let me test her.

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